Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today was Silvia Jay's Seminar at Fetch Inc!

So today was Silvia Jay's seminar over at Fetch Inc - it was awesome - all kinds of people showed up, we had lots of good food, and Silvia kept everybody enthralled from beginning to end - so it was a great day.

Because we had it at a dog friendly place - Fetch Inc - Silvia was able to bring in actual live dogs, which was really neat - she brought in a couple of her clients dogs - this dog with her back to me is Nibbler, and I'm pretty sure Nibbler was there as a foil - because she seemed to be pretty much perfect all day - so I think she was there so that all the other dogs who came in could be bounced off of her! She was quite perfect.
I had to take a couple pictures of the food - because food is always important, but because I only think of things really late - I took pictures AFTER everyone had had lunch - so these pictures are of what was left over - so obviously we made too much food - but that's okay because people got to take food home -
which is good when the food was as good as it was today - Janet Chernin made the sandwiches - she slaved over them all day yesterday and I don't think her back is going to be the same for at least a week, so thank you Janet!!!!
And everyone went NUTS over the desserts - which were made by Lisa Davis - a few people even said she should start up her own catering business they were so good! I know I didn't move too far away from the dessert table, but I'm a sugar fiend. Yummy. Lisa definitely outdid herself. I don't know if she will do this job for me again, but I will be her humble servant if she'll do desserts for me for other seminars, that's for sure.
And being the politically minded dog owner I am - I of course had petitions there available for people to sign if they so chose to do for the folks who are trying to improve the dog community at Seaview Park - and I did get a few signatures - so that was good too!

And we also had a 50/50 ticket sale to raise some money for the Dartmouth shelter of the NS SPCA - we raised $200 just from the people today - so $100 went to the Dartmouth shelter, and it happened to be won by the ladies from the Antigonish SPCA - so as it happened - all $200 went to the NS SPCA after all. Yea!
Unfortunately at this year's seminar I didn't get to sit down too much to listen to what Silvia was actually teaching - so I personally am going to be going to another seminar that is being put on in Mahone Bay on June 20th when Silvia will be giving the same seminar again - it's being put on by Jane Smith of Ditto's Canine Academy - so if you missed today's opportunity to go to the seminar - you might be interested to go to the June 20th seminar instead like I'm going to do - because you won't regret it! Jane has a Facebook group set up for more informationThe people gathered today got to take part in a session that included a lot of hands-on watching and learning as Silvia worked with the demo-dogs, they got to ask real world questions of problems that they were having with their own dogs as it related to the topics being discussed today - they got great handouts to take home, they got to sit in a room full of people having the exact same experience with their canine life companions as they are having - and got to share fellowship with everyone.

They got to realize that as responsible dog owners - we're all in this together, that there are a lot of us out there who are willing to go a long way to give our dogs the highest quality, long, healthy, well-balanced, and fun lives we can give them - and trainers like Silvia Jay are key tools to helpiing us provide that for our dogs.

I am so honoured to be able to help in any little way I can to bring Silvia to the people of Halifax and Nova Scotia. When I first discovered her website a couple years ago, I couldn't believe that someone who was saying the things her website were saying could possibly be for real - but she is, and she lives here. We are so lucky, and we shouldn't waste any time that she chooses to stay here. Use her all up while we can! She may become famous at any moment - so until then, don't take her for granted Nova Scotia!

If you want to check out last year's seminar with Silvia - here's the post from last year


  1. You're right Joan, it was an awesome seminar even if I didn't get a chance to take advantage of all of it. You summed it up in a nutshell!

  2. I had a fantastic time. Going to try and go to the mahone Bay one too if I can. So glad to see so many faces I haven't seen in a long time and everyone happy and really enjoying themselves. You Gals outdid yourselves as hosts. Absolutely a good day for people and dogs who sure will benefit.

    Jeannie :o)

  3. It was a great time! It was very informative and so great to see the SPCA dogs used in a quick demo as well.

    Lovely to meet Silvia finally, and to see many familiar faces of old friends (not that I'm calling anyone "old", ha ha!).

    Not sure if I would commit to doing all of those sweets again in the future though, lol! I enjoy baking, but I think after this week I'll be taking a LONG break!

  4. So you spent the whole time stuffing your face and gossiping and you missed the whole presentation. Shock the world!

  5. @ ALLABOUTME - idiocy seems to be your forte - you weren't in attendance and yet you claim to know what Joan was doing? Well she was organizing and ensuring that coffee was replenished, clearing clutter, picking up the veggie trays etc. BUT you insist and show that you have no clue nor class - get a life and troll somewhere else.
    The attendance at the seminar was fabulous - Silvia really demonstrates that a calm approach and patience is the way to help dogs overcome issues.
    @Joan - thank you so much for all the hard work ...

  6. About Me - you are the American Way on two legs. Making foul-mouthed and aggressive statements without having a clue. Joan was working for me on Saturday - all day - very hard - for the benefit of dogs. While you obviously busied yourself writing narcissistic comments.

  7. Silvia is simply brilliant. I only hope for one seminar take-away ... this one, I took many. (Joan, nice to meet you finally, you're hard work is much appreciated, to say the least.)

  8. So now Silvia Jay is getting anti-American, huh! What a pro.
    Joan doesn't have to print nasty comments she doesn't like. So why does she??? What is she trying to prove?

  9. Thank you Ann and everyone else for attending my aggression seminar Joan so wonderfully organized, Lisa and Janet supplied amazing food for, and Brenda who donated space at Fetch. Thank you all for your kinds comments regarding my professionalism. I had an amazing day thanks to you.