Monday, May 3, 2010

A little boy and his dog - part 2

In December, 2009 I wrote about a dog named Chance who had stayed by his little boy - James Delorey, who was an autistic boy who had walked away from his home and into the woods in Cape Breton, and when he was found - barely alive - there was a deep indentation next to him where Chance had obviously stayed next to him for the days he'd been in the woods, keeping him safe and warm. But it had not been enough and he died shortly after he'd been found.

There's a couple articles below about how Chance has made it into the Purina hall of fame for his bravery. He got the record for most votes ever for the award. There's no surprise about that. See the articles below.

Autistic boy's dog named to hall of fame
Three other animals honoured for bravery
Last Updated: Monday, May 3, 2010

The dog that led searchers to a missing autistic boy in Nova Scotia
was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame on Monday.

The disappearance of seven-year-old James Delorey last December
gripped the nation.

The boy had wandered away from his family home at South Bar, near
Sydney, N.S., along with his mixed-breed dog, Chance.

Delorey had no jacket, and shortly after his disappearance a snowstorm
hit the region.

Hundreds of searchers spent two days combing woods near the region but
found no trace of the missing boy.

Then Chance emerged from the woods leaving a trail in the snow that
led to James Delorey.

The boy was unconscious but alive. There was a deep impression in the
snow beside him where Chance had huddled with the boy to keep him

The seven-year-old boy died in hospital the day after his rescue.

Dog hero gave autistic N.S. boy a chance

TORONTO — A family dog that helped lead searchers to an autistic boy who was lost in Nova Scotia is one of the latest inductees into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.

Chance received the honour at an emotional ceremony today in Toronto that was attended by the family of the late James Delorey.

The disappearance and death of the seven-year-old boy made national headlines last December after he followed Chance into the woods near South Bar, outside Sydney.

The mixed-breed dog returned two days after James disappeared and searchers were able to trace his prints to near where the unconscious boy was found.

Chance received more than 400 nominations for the annual honour — a new record.

Since its creation in 1968, more than 140 animals have been inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, which recognizes life-saving feats of pets and service animals.


  1. Well deserved. What a special dog Chance is.

  2. I am glad Chance got this. He is special. He is amazing. He deserves recognition!

  3. Aww, good. Chance definitely deserves it! I'm very glad to see him get recognized for the very faithful, special dog he is.

  4. Chance tried - he stayed with James keeping him warm, giving him comfort - it is all so tragic that though he was found he succumbed -

    RIP dear sweet James - sincere condolences to the family.