Friday, May 14, 2010

Halifax Club with Netta Armitage

Yesterday me and some people went to a luncheon being put on by the "Halifax Club" - which is, according to it's website an "important meeting place for business-minded men and women". I think it's like a private club that you join like the Lion's Club or the Toastmasters only it's really expensive and snooty and in a really nice and old building - but such as that is - they probably do a lot of philanthropic things like hold luncheons like they did yesterday and invite people like Netta Armitage who's the president of her own private rescue - Animal Rescue Coalitions - and they asked her to talk about what it's like to run a rescue in Nova Scotia - and how individuals can help an organization like hers.
You can see by this partial sign board at the front entrance that they host lots of good stuff at the Halifax Club - and in about the middle was Netta's luncheon that me and the other lucky people got to go to
One of the main organizers of the luncheon was a member of the Halifax Club - Tracey Jessiman and her husband Earl - who also run a branch of the organization Canaccord Financial - and their business is also highly philanthropic - and Tracey is heavy into doing rescue stuff herself, but last Christmas Canaccord sponsored a bus panel and a bus stop panel with this logo on in association with Netta's rescue
This is one shot of the people at the table chatting after we'd finished eating - some of the things that were talked about was getting the veterinary community to work with the rescue community - building relationships between the two groups; also how strongly private rescues rely on foster families in order to rescue animals - and that different rescues provide different levels of support to their foster families - ARC provides everything for their fosters - food, beds, crates, toys, transport for the fosters to vets - everything is provides - not all rescues provide that level of support - so if you're thinking about becoming a foster for a rescue - you should ask questions and decide what level of committment you want to give - and also the fact that you don't have to foster, give money or adopt an animal to help rescue - I have a list on my website called "100 ways you can help rescue without adopting a dog" - you can click on the text to follow the hyperlink.
The Halifax Club facilities were a very classy place - the silverware matched the tablecloths if you know what I mean - I love places like that. I like things that are orderly - and this place was like that from top to bottom.
The place was also chock-a-block with oil paintings - and I only got to see a very small portion of the building - but in the grand entry-way there were these huge paintings - and I'm assuming they were paintings of governor-generals - because one was the female provincial governor general what's-her-name who just retired before the one we have right now, and then in the middle was this humungous oil painting of Adrienne Clarkson -
for who's idea, I have none. But it was pretty freaky.
Here's another painting that was in the hallway - I'm pretty sure I had this guy as a teacher in high school. Either that or he was a famous politican maybe. Can a person make a living painting these kinds of pictures in the 21st century?

As an addon to this post - least night me and a couple friends went to the English Beat at the Paragon here in Halifax
A band called "The Idlers" opened up for them - they were very good also - it was funny because the washrooms are in the basement of this bar, and at one point I went downstairs to avail myself of their services, and the room that the washrooms are in are directly under the stage - and the whole crew of the band of the "Idlers" spent their whole time on stage jumping up and down - so in the washrooms there was a constant deafening "BANG BANG BANG" as the sound of about 20 or so feet hit the floor in unison to the beat of the music. Sometimes you've got wonder why more floors don't collape in places like bars after years and years of nightly use like that. It was fun though, more or less.

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