Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Homeward City Pound Does WHAT?

So I found out something new at last night's meeting with Jerry Blumenthal. Homeward City Pound is going to help keep offleash parks open. Hope Swinamer is such a friend to animals, she does such great things with animals, that she is going to keep all offleash parks open. That's what Jerry Blumenthal told us. You can listen to is in the below video -

Can you believe it? That's one of the reasons why the City gave them the pound contract. From my mouth to God, it's the truth. If I didn't have it on tape, I wouldn't be telling you this, but I do.

Isn't that wonderful? I tell you, this Hope Swinamer person must sent straight down from heaven, isn't she? That's what HRM Council must think. What evil devils the City Council must obviously think the SPCA is. This is the raw text of what Mr. Blumenthal said about the SPCA at last night's meeting:

"Get me a petition, keep the park clean, Dawn is in touch with Mike Melnick, I'm in touch with Mike Melnick all the time. We have new people who have taken away, that took, the uh animals away from the SPCA, because they werent't doing a decent job, we've got a new company - (yeah, but they have nothing to do, all they are doing is sheltering the animals, they're not, they have nothing to do with uh) - they can help she's a lady who knows a lot of people with animals how they take care of animals, that's why the SPCA lost the contract (but all they're doing is sheltering the animals, they have nothing to do with animal control) - but bylaw will work with them, before it works with the SPCA (uh huh) anyway I don't want to get into that part of it but I just wanted to tell you that I'll work as hard as I can....."

(The person in brackets is me talking)

"They weren't doing a decent job" - of what? What does that have to do with last night's meeting where we were talking about keeping Seaview Park open?

How could the NS SPCA help keep Seaview Park open? And how can Homeward Bound City Pound NOW help us keep Seaview Park open?

This is the kind of misinformation, bad information, no information, un-education - (in my opinion) - that will keep HRM City Council looking like they absolutely do not know what they are talking about, because they do not know what they are talking about, and they obviously do not listen to anything when they are at their meetings, or do not go to meetings - or are just plain stupid.

It's no wonder that the NS SPCA finds it impossible to get a fair shake with the public when it comes to education about their what their mandate is when they've got people in "authority" saying things like this about them.

I mean, don't they even read the RFP's that they spend millions of dollars on that they pass at Council meetings? I certainly do, and I'm not even an elected Councillor.

You can read it for yourself here - http://www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/documents/100126ca1016.pdf

If you care that your own Councillor is properly educated about animal issues - I suggest you personally email them and ask them a couple of pointed questions - ie, what they believe the mandate of the pound is, what they understand the mandate of the SPCA is, and what Animal Control is contracted to do. And if you get an answer back - email me their answer. I'd love to hear what their response is. It'll probably be a complete hoot.



  1. At the end of the day, we will have NO idea what Homeward Bound City Pound is doing .... not only do they not have publicly available statistics like the society now has, but the front door of their new website has nothing more than a logo, a phone number and an email contact. No directions, no adoption fees, no pictures... nada... zilch ... zip.
    But then, nobody ever promised they were going to be No Kill ...did they?

  2. Great post, Joan. That is so unfortunate for an elected official to make such statements regarding the SPCA.