Monday, April 12, 2010

Meeting of Jerry Blumenthal and dog owners from Seaview Park tonight

Tonight city councillor Jerry Blumenthal and concerned dog owners who go regularly to Seaview Park in the northend of Halifax met at a church on Robie Street in Halifax.

They met to talk about the fact that Mr. Blumenthal had hinted that there was a possibility that Seaview Park might be closed down to dogs - by whom? He couldn't say, Why? Dog poop, of course.

The people at the meeting tonight were not people who have taken part in any of the off-leash implementation strategy sessions over the last few years - so they weren't familiar with any of those trials and tribulations, which was interesting to me. It was like starting from scratch in a sense - all they want is a place they can take their dogs to where they can go off leash - which is all any dog owner wants.

But this group was interesting, because they are willing to organize. They seemed willing to form an organization, do the work, and make a petition so that Mr. Blumenthal can give it to Council.

By the end of the meeting what the conclusion they had come to was this - they want a fenced in area that they can take their dogs to - and Seaview Park is the area they want - and Jerry Blumenthal is willing to spend some of his discretionary funds to do that for them - he just needs to get them to give him a signed petition by many hundreds of people to give to Council.

And this City will have a completely fenced in dog park. For dogs and their owners.

Can you believe this? Robert Drive Dog Park people, can you believe this?

This was decided in one meeting with a City Councillor. I hope this little group realizes the amount of dog owners in this city who want a completely fenced in dog park. Because....I have just let the cat out of the bag - uh, you can have one at Seaview Park if you sign the petition that they are setting up at ...

And - please, spread the word. A lot of people want a fenced in dog park - so we want a lot of signatures, please.


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  1. shoot - I totally forgot about the meeting but do support their efforts and will definitely sign the petition. From what I saw on the facebook group these users have been picking up poop - but it is the city that has been failing to empty and or pick up bags that they have actually filled during the winter months - citing that their trucks can't get to the area? Funny that eh - since my van and other cars and smaller trucks certainly can get done to the dog park!

  2. I would encourage every dog owner/pet lover to sign the petition. We have been dropping them off at the local vets, pet stores, or just come on down to the park. Paige is usually there with the petition. Thanks everyone!