Saturday, March 6, 2010

We can BREATHE again!

A sunny - WARM - day! I don't imagine that there were too many people in Halifax today who stayed inside who didn't absolutely have to. It is such a nice day here today - the first one - in it seems to me like months.
We had to go out and enjoy everything that it could give us.
And I think the dogs did - everyone had a bunch of fun
And everyone got good and muddy -
But no one seemed to mind
There was even a deer following us at one point, and the dogs didn't even notice they were having so much fun smelling and peeing and runnning around - that also shows what shitty hunters they are - the only thing they know how to hunt is the liver in my pocketes.
Which is what Daisy here has her eye keening onto. She's the best hunter of that.

1 comment:

  1. oh wonderful pictures! yes it was so beautiful in the valley we sat on the trails and sat and sat and sat and soaked up all that sun. i think i will have to post about it too..