Friday, March 5, 2010

The Real Naked Truth

I'm going to admit that this blog post is completely for my own personal satisfaction. There is no reason other than for me to write this post. And I'm writing it because I read a post on another blog today, and when I read it I said to myself, "I just can't stand it, I've got to write one more post". And it's this post - on a blog called "Let's Adopt" - and the post is called "Brindi: Day 8 - Social Media Saves Lives" - and it really clarified some things in my mind.

There is a real dichotomy in what things people around the world have been focusing on in the Brindi case, and what people locally have been focusing on - and today I figured that out.

Around the world - the focus is on Brindi, the dog - and the injustice facing the dog, and her euthanization. And locally - everybody agrees with that. There is no one locally - in Halifax, or Nova Scotia who would disagree with that - and local dog advocates have been fighting with our bad bylaw since it came into effect in 2007. I don't know how people can not have read all the blog posts I've written about this - and not read my blog posts about Brindi in particular and misunderstood this. No one wants Brindi to die - and people locally understand that Brindi is not dangerous - and we all realize that our bylaw is flawed - and there should be something in there so that dogs like Brindi should have a way out.

But what people from away don't understand is that sometimes it's (and most times!!!!) - it's not the dog's fault that they end up in these situations!! It is the owners fault! Why did no one read my post called - "Dangerous Dog is a misnomer - it's ALWAYS the Human!"

There is a blog down in the States called "KC Dog Blog" that compares Brindi's case to the case of the dogs seized in Brampton, Ontario - and these cases have NOTHING in common - and I'm not going to get into why they have nothing in common, they just don't - but when he said about the case that " but we seem to be way to trigger-happy on this continent to kill dogs for minor skirmishes " - and that is totally NOT why Brindi is "being killed"

She is under a euthanization order because HER OWNER systematically and habitually failed to follow the conditions over and over that Animal Control asked her to comply with - proving that she was not a good dog owner - it's as simple as that. It's got nothing to do with Brindi - it's all because of the owner of Brindi. And it seems like the international animal community just does NOT get that.

But the LOCAL dog community does - and that's why people locally don't support her - even though THREE letters appeared in the local paper today - big whoop.

So on to the "Let's Adopt" blog post that got me twisted out of shape. And hold on - since this blog post is totally for my own enjoyment - I can be as verbose as I like - the first line of the article is - "Tomorrow it will be precisely one year since Lezlie Lowe wrote her insightful article. I would invite you to read it again." That is the article from the Coast Magazine about the Brindi case - the one that Francesca came out as saying was entirely inaccurate and poorly written - at the time. It's funny that if you go and search her blog there's no reference to it at all. I wonder why? You'd thing if it was so "insightful" about her story she would have at least mentioned it somewhere on her blog in the last 19 months like she has about all these letters to the editor that she's been posting these last few days.

I am blown away that the "My Lets Adopt" blog is read by more than 250,000 people daily. My little blog is certainly not read by even a miniscule of that many readers, so I feel pretty safe that I'm not going to turn any heads by what I have to say here. Francesca can feel pretty safe. They definitely do have the power of social media, but whether they have the power of the truth is another thing, and that's the sad part.

"We discovered a case mishandled from the very beginning. A case where the City of Halifax has gone as far as ignoring the Supreme Court in an effort to get its way, to save face, to fulfil the egos of the bureaucrats “in charge”."

And they feel comfortable in saying that because they also said this - "We didn’t jump into it blindly. We took some time, read all material available, researched the Law, precedents and similar cases all around Canada."

I'd say what they did was they read a few emails sent to them by Brindi's owner.

But the thing is - the Mayor's office, the local SPCA, Animal Control - they are all local - they know the real story - they know who are the villians, who is to blame - who can change the story, who can effect the real change - who is real, who is using fake profiles and who isn't - and you can't tell that from France, from Turkey, from Texas. Sorry.

And once again - for the last time - I will tell you - only 3 people will effect whether Brindi lives or dies - and it will happen on March 9th between the hours of 9:30 and 4pm in a courtroom at the Dartmouth Provincial court house - and it is Judge Alanna Murphy - who is not accepting phone calls, faxes or emails from anyone, Francesca Rogier - who should be preparing reasons why Brindi should be allowed to live, and the Prosecutor for the city, who is preparing reasons why Brindi should be euthanized. And that is it.

And when that is completed - the City is perhaps going to look at rewriting sections of A300. Yea.

All this hullalabaloo is self-generated nonsense that is a waste of time - because this story isn't about what the story is really about - a dog owner who was negligent - and the dog who is paying the ultimate price.

The real tale to be told here is - know your rights - you can read back to my previous posts about this story - you should not freak out the 4th or 5th time that Animal Control comes to your door - you should not freak out AFTER Animal Control has seized your dog. You should freak out and do something the FIRST time Animal Control comes to your door.


So that's the end of my story.

Sorry Francesca. You have learned a very hard lesson. But that is the truth. I wish you luck on March 9th. What I REALLY hope happens is that the alternative that is offered is that a staff member from the SPCA offers up themselves as a new owner and that they get to take Brindi on as their own dog because they have the facilities and the training to actually take on Brindi's issues - and Brindi can live her life out with them - and Brindi doesn't die - and she doesn't have to go back to being the property of Francesca, either. THAT to me is the best case scenario. We can only hope.

And now I am going to turn my computer off and spend some time with this lovely thing pictured below, because I have for some reason become very unhealthy in the last 5 weeks and I need to take some time off - so please, enjoy yourselves.


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I LOVE IT!!!! FINALLY someone gets it. fancesca is only telling the things that make her look good, to play the "poor me, poor me" card. time to come clean lady!!!!

  2. Responsible_Owner10:38 AM

    Great post again ! Are you going to be going to the court house on Tuesday?

  3. Love it!

    I have a lot of Shar Pei owners around the world add me because I am also on a Shar Pei forum ...anywho, the other day I saw a few of these people (in places like Turkey, New Zealand, etc) joining those online petitions and sites etc and I just could not believe it.

    I agree. I hope Brindi lives, I hope she goes with someone who can deal with her.