Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Buttercup likes to watch the fish

Watching fish can lower your stress levels, they are good to have some times.


  1. Fish_Face_:P10:08 PM

    So i'm curious how many times in a run of a day the dogs drink out of the tank !!!

  2. Actually, they've never taken any notice of the top of the tank - years ago the cats used to dip their paws in the top when I had a different tank - a tiny tank - back when I had goldfish - I think it was because I had an agitator in the tank that made bubbles. But since I've had guppies and platys and I only have a filter in the tank, so the tank is pretty much silent, the animals completely ignore it - except for the fact that they'll watch the fish from time to time. Back when I had Teddy I used to hold him in my lap and he would watch the fish with me and bat at the tank which was super cute.

    I don't put anything on the top of the tank because I feel like it cuts me off from the fish - I like to watch them from the top as well as from the front.

  3. And we all know what a stressful life Buttercup leads! lol!

    Very relaxing indeed!

  4. Yes, I love Buttercup, too. I like all your dogs, Joan, but Buttercup is my favorite. She's got attitude. What a lucky dog to have found you - but I suppose you feel like you're the lucky one.

  5. I am definitely the lucky one, and the fact that I've had her for 6 1/2 years is amazing. Every day is a gift.

  6. janet chernin12:25 PM

    you should take a copy of that pic and blow it up - and put it in Aqua Creations window - tagging with ' even Buttercup knows that watching fishes is stress reliever - smart dog!'