Monday, March 1, 2010

It's time for Cheese!

A little over a year ago I introduced everyone to our nightly ritual of Jack getting his piece of cheese - it's pretty funny.
Every night at some point Jack gets out of his bed, shakes himself off, looks around, and makes it be very clearly known - that it's time to have a piece of processed cheese. And every other dog in the room becomes very happy that Jack has decided that it's time for cheese. The first picture in this post is everyone heading out into the kitchen to fetch the 2 pieces of cheese that will be divvied up for the dogs.
These last pictures are just some other pictures taken around the living room tonight - Buttercup was feeling pretty huffy about having the camera taken out - she was more concerned about playing with the bunny rabbit that was next to her.
Charlie was feeling pretty stoic, and was pretty much just waiting for Jackie to wake up, because I think he was feeling a might peckish.
Daisy is always up for some playing - if you notice in the 2nd picture with Jackie - there's toys everywhere - that's because of Daisy - she's not very good about putting her toys away

This is the video that I took about a year ago of Jack's nightly cheese ritual - it's pretty cute. Enjoy.


  1. Talk about anticipation!!! lol! Soo adorable!! Everyone is enjoying the processed cheese ritual.
    We have a nightly snack ritual, as well - you can set your clock by it!

  2. Cheesey_Reader10:58 AM

    I would have titled the post " Say Cheese " lol ! : )

  3. OH MY GOD how did i miss this post-----this is my all time favorite video--Jackie and the cheese!!!! i watch this all the time. every time you ask if Jackie wants some cheese i always answer for him. "hell ya i want some cheese. give me my F@#$% cheese baby!!!"

    hahahaha! i love this vid