Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few photos for pleasure

Okay, what do you think this is? It's got a dog's head on it, with man boobs, and a buddha type body.
Charlie doesn't know what to make of it. Everybody has had a good sniff of it. It's made out of something like papier mache - with a metal type head. We're all buggered about it. Has anyone else seen anything like it? Is it a door stop? Should it be bowed down to and revered? Any ideas?
Me and Buttercup went and had some fun tonight watching other dogs having fun - this is Maximo, Pickle and Pax - Paxel? Paxet?, Shit, I can't remember the black dog's name, sorry. He's from Tennessee, and very cute.
More cute wrestling.
This is Maximo - who a lot of people know. I took pictures of Maximo when he was a brand new puppy - only a year ago, and he looked a lot different then! You can see those photos - here - you'd be amazed!
He is of course, still completely beautiful, though.
This is Maximo with his new brother - Pax....
And this is Buttercup - looking down upon the fray - of which she chose not to enter into - but which she controlled the whole evening with her bottom lip alone - with the slightest little growl. She is the queen of all she surveys wherever she goes.
Max and Pax poke into the photos again.
And then one last photo of the very photogenic Maximo to end the evening with....


  1. I did a quick Google search for "buddha dog" (which I'm sure you did as well) and have come up empty for this particular figurine, but check out this comic I found, lol!

  2. Janet Chernin8:35 AM

    Twas a great night all around - loved that Maximo was into
    BOW DOWN wanna Play mode was flirting with Ms. Buttercup aka Queen of any Domain even
    if its not her house LOL.
    As to Man Boob Dog well what can I say - NUFFIN'

  3. It looks like the doggy of Willendorf. I remember seeing this neolithic fertility figure and this looks just like it but with a doggy head.

    Here's the Wikipedia link:


  4. Sybil - the "Venus of Willendorf" definitely doesn't have man-boobs though - when I clicked on the link and saw the photo - I immediately winced and thought to myself - put a bra on that thing! Yuck! If that was alive, those boobs would be painful!

    And Lisa - that cartoon was a hoot! I should put that on my dogs are dharma blog! haha!


  5. glad to see Buttercup is keeping things in good order! she looks great refing from the chair!!

  6. Great pics as usual. Love looking at all the babies :)