Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today's Halifax Kennel Club Show

So I went out and had a spin today at the Halifax Kennel Club Show - I always seem to go and find myself a beautiful poodle to take some photos of, and I was not disappointed. I found this lovely specimen - her name was Angela.
She's from Prince Edward Island - and her owner has a kennel called "Leanns poodles" - I couldn't look at the site too much because they have puppies available - and I cannot bear to look at poodles until certain white dog has passed into the great beyond. When Angela's handler mentioned today that Leann also had adults available, I just had to focus on the face of Buttercup and keep taking photos!
This was a table I've never seen at a dog show before, but I've seen their brochure before - it's for a store called "the Spinner's Loft" - and they're over in the Head of Jeddore and they teach you how to spin wool - and they'll even teach you how to spin your own dog's hair! Yea! They had a few items there today made from a combination of wool and dog's fur - and they have a page on their site where they talk about dog fur and products you can make from it - that page is at
This majestic beast's name was Pierce - he was from Amherst I think - at least the groomer who was walking him when I took his photo was from Amherst - which is where I grew up!

This was a neat table, and service - a lady named Valerie Brideau will guide you on everything that you need in order to get yourself the perfect purebred dog - and she also will help you live through the death of your animal too, which is pretty neat. She's got a website that explains it pretty well at

I was SO good today, the only thing I bought today was this book - and it looks like such a neat book - "Scared Poopless" - I bought it from my friend Maureen Tate who sells the Urban Carnivore line of raw dog food, and she is into natural and healthy dog stuff and knows everything about alternative health for dogs - so she'd know a good book when she's selling one! haha! Usually I go and spend gobs of money, but today I was very good and only spent money on that book - and of course a cupcake from the yummy cupcake lady who was also there last year!

If you want to go down memory lane - here are past Halifax Kennel Club shows that I've gone to - check them out to see if I've taken your photo there!
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When I got home I got some serious what-for from Jackie because I went out and left them all alone during prime-time weekend time - but hopefully I was able to make up to them for it - I'm cooking liver all weekend long in preparation for next weekend - because next weekend is the GPAC doggy expo - and I'll be at that to sell the liver - but don't tell Jackie - because that means I'll be away from them for another 4 or 5 hours, and he won't be too happy about that once again.When we were taking a nap and I realized that I actually had all 4 dogs with me on the "couch" - I had to extricate myself and take a photo of it for posterity - it's not too often that they'll deign to squish themselves all up to all get together like this. Usually someone will stick their foot in someone else's face - and then that ruin's the party and they'll jump down and it's just me and 3 dogs - I never have the pleasure of all FOUR dogs with me. That was pretty sweet.
Yes, I DO have the most beautiful little dog in the whole entire world.


  1. How cool is that? I am sure to add the Spinner's Loft to my website.

  2. ok i am missing something --daisy, Charlie, Jack, Buttercup--what about Bob?

  3. "Yes, I DO have the most beautiful little dog in the whole entire world."

    I beg to differ Joan !! It's been a while but I'm sure you haven't forgotten about me !! How could you ... I'm the cutest little dog in the world !!! And I love liver !
    I haven't seen you in ages so I can understand how you might've forgotten how cute I really am. I can send pictures , if you need to be reminded but I'm sure that the mere mention of my name will jolt you back to reality !

    Keep doing what you're doing Joan. The dog community of Canada needs you & many more like you.

    I hope all is well with you & your furkids & your fish : )

    Love Sasha & Lori