Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today was the GPAC Doggy Expo!

So I'd say today's GPAC Doggy Expo was a big hit - there was a TON of people and their dogs who went through the Multi-Purpose Centre at the Halifax Forum - this year was the biggest turnout for vendors and people, I'd bet. This photo is a picture of Buttercup saying to me - "you're going to leave me to go take pictures now, aren't you! I hate you!"
Is this not the cutest thing? If I could get Buttercup to sit in a stroller my life would SO much easier! I wonder if these are the same chinese crested dogs I saw at the Halifax Kennel Club show last weekend - if not, there are a BUNCH of chinese crested dogs in Halifax now!
Now this is a table that I didn't realize was funny until I got home and looked at the photos I'd taken - look at the 2nd photo -
The table had little poo's on it! haha! I've known about this company for awhile - Scoopy Poo - this is a good idea - especially for people who don't pick up in between snow falls, and all of a sudden they've got a ton of shit in their back yard because they've got a winter's worth of shit in their back yard - suddenly paying someone to clean up is worth it!!
Therapeutic Paws of Canada - I've talked about these guys several times before - a fellow I know who has a great dog by the name of Cody volunteers with these guys - this is a super organization and a great way to spend time with your dog - as well - Lee Anne Tibbo down in Cape Breton also volunteers with these guys - Lee Anne is famous in many bully circles.
Is this a neat machine, or what? It's a "Pawtrekker" and you hook your dog up to it and he pulls you along and gets super exercise! They only cost around $450 - and I have to admit that I've probably spent more for things that aren't nearly as good for the dogs. And this is a local company too who've been around for awhile - - they also sell life jackets, back packs, ganglines, and all kinds of fun stuff - they are super.
Now for some fun stuff! I didn't get this guy's name - he was in front of the Halifax Kennel Club booth - he was gorgeous
And he certainly didn't seem to mind all the stuff going on around him - he was having a great time!
Here is the Animal Rescue Coalitions booth - look at all the great stuff they were selling! With all proceeeds going to their rescue of course! They are one of the rescues that I personally volunteer with the most, so I always have to take a photo of their booth!
And here's another booth who takes in a lot of local dogs - because there's a lot of dogs who are of this type - labrador rescue! Run by Pittman - and right next door to this booth was the store she owns - the Doggy Bag Treatery, which sells you can probably guess what!
This was a dog of a co-worker of mine! Yea!
This is the very famous Gary! From the blog "For the love of the Jowl" - I was so happy to finally get to meet him - he was an amazing dog to meet - I was so happy to see him. He is as beautiful in person as he is on the internet.
This is Gary's sister who his Mom Heather adopted last year - who is also gorgeous, and from the look of Gary's blog seems to be keeping up quite well with Gary.
This is Jenny - another famous dog in the local dog community in some circles - his Dad Marc takes her to all the local hot spots - Seaview, Long Lake - her and her brother are super active (and lucky) dogs!
This dog was impossible to take a bad photo of! This is a keeshond named Jack who's Mom is a local dog trainer by the name of Aimee Luedey - she is also a vet tech in Dartmouth - she's currently on maternity leave though, and right at the end of our conversation I noticed she had a baby carriage with her! haha! I noticed her dog and took photos, and we talked - and never noticed she had a little baby - I suppose most people would have right away gooed and gaaed over the baby - dog people are funny, eh? But with a dog like this - who could blame me?
I saw so many famous dogs today! This is a great dane from the owner of the Great Danes of Nova Scotia group owner Denise - who I officially met for the first time today - but I can't remember if this dog's name was Daisy or not. At this point in the day I was getting a bit bleary eyed!
Here are a couple of very beautiful entlebucher dogs - Sante and Sandy - Sante is owned by the sister of a very good friend of mine - they are wonderful, kid friendly, gentle dogs - aren't they beautiful? Lovely dogs.
And here is the current queen of letter writing for letters to the editor - Tracy Jessiman with one of her dogs - Sam! Can you see what's written on Sam's leash? It's very true! haha!
This is a little shot of my table - I've added a new product to my "dogkisser" line - a thing I'm calling "Magic liver dust" - it's a food topper that you put on top of your dog's food if they're a picky eater - and it's my dehydrated liver that's been ground up into a powder. Buttercup was my tester for this because she's a notoriously picky eater (I'll post later a video of how I'm currently having to feed her) - and if you sprinkle some of this stuff on your dog's regular food - then it makes it more palatable. If you dog likes liver - they'll like this stuff.

I also got good news today - because Global Pets in Bayer's Lake is going to start to carry my liver! Yea! So no Metro Dog Wash, 3 Dog Bakery, and Metro Dog Wash will be carrying my liver. I may actually have to start paying my Dad for helping me to cut the stuff up!

I also had information on my table about the new website for anti-chaining legislation - I've been working on the site, so there's some good information there now - - there's going to be a petition there shortly for people to start signing - a few people stopped to take the cards, so I was happy about that.

Hopefully everyone had a good day - I had a pretty good time - I got to meet a lot of new people - it's always a great day to schmooze - now I think I'll lay on the floor and let the big dogs lay on top of me for a few hours!

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  1. Awesome post Joan! Great to see you and Buttercup today!

  2. looks like it was a fun day!!
    I wanted to go but couldn't make the trip from the Valley today ... see any Shar Pei!?

  3. I only saw one the whole day, Melissa - a black one!


  4. I saw the Shar Pei too - huge big nose, lol!

    The bulldog is a she named Ruby. She's in some Robert Drive photos that Tara and I have, and has a bulldog baby sister named Pearl as well. :)

  5. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Whoo whee, you were busy today Joan! Wish I could have been there, but I had to work.

    One teeny correction. The photo of the dog and booth you have credited as Therapeutic Paws is actually of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. I recognized the scarf on the dog because Peaches has one for our weekly visits to a nursing home.!/photo.php?pid=1503354&id=572361743


  6. Joan, you make me 'famous', lmao. But yes, the pic/booth is St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program, not TPOC. They're two different groups. But SJA is what Pat and I volunteer with.

    Looks like you had a blast and I want to buy some magic liver dust, please, when you have time.

  7. BAH! i just couldn't swing it this year, i was very disappointed as some people said they wanted to meet my houndies. i was just not organized enough to get my shit together this i feel bad...any wolfies?

  8. I saw one irish wolfhound and I looked up, expecting to see you Janice - but then it wasn't you, it was someone else - another lady - who I saw at last year's expo. But yes - I expected to see you there, and at the end of the day was sad when I didn't see you - it was the one disappointment in the day!

    And as for the St. John's Therapy dogs thingee - I KNEW I recognized the bandana! haha! I just had the organization all mixed up!

  9. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Ahhhhhhh Jenny how she has changed from when ARC first took her in!!!!! Marc has brought Jenny a long way, she spend the first part of her life tied to a she is the queen she should be lol

  10. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Hehe, ya Jenny was a real handful when we first took her home. Even at 6 months old she was a powerful dog and had no boundaries! She's still pretty crazy at times but overall she's a real sweetie :) Right now she and her new sister Roxy the American Dingo are outside in the yard having a big old wrassle.

    -Marc, now with Jenny AND Roxy