Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am I too lenient?

I was tired tonight so I decided to order a pizza - and it was the same price to get a large pizza as it was to get a medium pizza, so I got a large pizza from Uncle Buck's pizza - so there was some leftovers - which I'll be giving to the dogs in their dishes over the next couple of meals - so I left the pizza sitting on the kitchen table -

And a couple minutes ago, I walked into the kitchen and this is what I found. And instead of freaking out, I laughed! If my Dad was not in Florida right now, I would have been in deep shit! But right now it's just me and the dogs - so my first thought was - where's my camera, and I hope he keeps eating until I can find it! haha! Whisky is pretty amenable, so he kept gnawing away on the cheese for the 5 or 10 seconds until I found my trusty camera, and I got about 5 photos.

I don't think the dogs will mind that their pizza is a little bit cat chewed, do you? And probably he walked on it a bit too while he was under there. Whisky deserves to have a good time once in a while too.

This would be as good a time as any to show my video that I took this week of how I'm having to feed Buttercup currently. She's always been a tough dog to feed - and I used to have to feed her this way years ago, too - she's always never liked having to put her nose into a bowl, but lately she's refused to do it altogether. All the dogs will eat off of forks - they'll even eat rice from a fork - everybody is so delicate! But it makes a cute video, too - so here it is - the ultimate in feeding a dog - feeding them with a fork!


  1. oh my god Wiskey would have been enough but then Buttercup!!!!!!! hehehe! that was so funny! i loved when Jackie starts huffing! i think he wants cheese. Mine eat off a fork too--off my fork.... that is what happens when you don't teach tall dogs proper table manners. i don't understand how i can still be so fat... i haven't eaten a full meal for 4 years

  2. O my dawg! That is so freaken cute - ann we see nothing wrong with it, btw! Buttercup looks adorable - she must just stepped out of the beauty parlour! Such a polite little eater, too! I've seen kids that don't eat that proper!

    When we were "one dog people" - Schatzi insisted she be hand fed - hubby used to make crop circles on the floor to try to get her to eat! lol!

    Now, with Oskar & Xena added to the mix - it's every dog for themselves! No one gives up an inch around their food bowls during meal times!