Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daddy - Cesar Millan's Pit bull

No matter what you thought of Cesar Millan - Daddy, his pit bull was a wonderful ambassador for his breed.

Yesterday Daddy passed away.

Since Cesar Millan came onto the dog training scene, he's been preaching that what we should be giving dogs is exercise, discipline and affection - and we should be giving it to them in that order - and in fact a dog can live without love at all.

Daddy was 16 years old when he died yesterday - and there is no doubt that Cesar had a long and deep connection with him - one that was deep and spiritual.

I am sure that Daddy has taught Cesar many things over the years - I really hope that one of the things that Daddy taught him was that dogs do need, and deserve to give and receive a large quantity and quality of human grade love - and sometimes they need it before exercise and discipline as much as they need it after exercise and discipline in order to have balanced and high quality lives - and it's also okay to love one dog more than another when you have a pack of 30 dogs.

I am sure that Mr. Millan is torn up right now over the death of his longtime once in a lifetime canine companion, and I hope his grief is deep, heartfelt, and in proportion to the depth of love his dog Daddy felt for him. May Daddy have a good rest, now.


  1. R.I.P. Daddy - you were certainly a good representative of the bull & terrier breeds!

  2. Joanna10:30 PM

    Daddy will be sorely missed. I LOVED that dog :(

  3. Oh no! Not Big Daddy! He was one of the coolest bully boys I've ever seen. He didn't actually belong to Ceasar though, he belonged to one of his clients.

  4. On Cesar's web page he has Daddy's biography - - and Daddy used to belong to the rapper "Redman" - it sounds like Daddy has been with Cesar since he was 4 months old, and at some point he did sign ownership over to Cesar. I always knew it was some rapper, but I didn't know it was Redman until I looked up Daddy's bio just now.


  5. Joan...forget my comment about Daddy not being Cesar's. I stand corrected. He used to belong to a rapper then was give to Cesar.

  6. i watch the show every once in awhile and i greatly appreciate his devotion to dogs and th pitbull breed. RIP Daddy, you were a great great ambassodor to all dogs...not just pitties

    also if you get a chance check my pitty Motley out at

    he loves meeting new friends!!