Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm lucky we've got a lot of stuffed toys

Tonight I happened to glance behind me and I witnessed this - Daisy, laying upon the couch - with a toy in her mouth, just waiting for someone to notice her so that they'd start playing with her.
With an invitation like that - who could deny her? So I had to stop what I was doing and go over and indulge her. And course - take the camera with me for the first few seconds of it. The dogs have to indulge the humans sometimes too!
This is her playing hard to get!
And this is the part where it's lucky we've got a lot of stuffed toys - because once one dog starts playing - they all have to get in on the act - and it's the human who is having the toys pushed upon some parts of their body!
With Buttercup she'll do it - push the toy and play with the toy - until she decides that she needs to be the highest dog in the room - which in this case is her favourite chair - which is where she is here - with Charlie coming in for a lick - which is why he's looking so happy here. It was a pretty good love festival for a little while during the evening.

Here is Buttercup at the beauty parlour - a couple photos taken with my new i-phone. I can't say that I have mastered this camera - it's supposed to be 3 megapixels - but the pictures are coming out pretty grainy.
However, the subject - looks fabulous - Buttercup is looking like a fashion model here, I must say - it was before she had her eyebrows all cut off - so she's looking very funky and pretty with her legs all - what do the show dog people call that? She's stacked. Very nicely stacked.

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  1. BOL! Buttercup is SOOO stacked! Actually..she is more of a sturdy girl than i thought!

    loved the pic of Daisy inviting you to play--you can almost here her talking