Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Other - Other End of the Leash!

Also today while I was out shopping - I went into the used bookstore Back Pages - which is just down the street from Bark & Fitz - and I found this book "The End of the Leash" - which was published in 1968 - a couple decades before Patrician McConnell's very famous The Other End of The Leash this book is pretty neat because it's all about America's obsession with pets, and it's from the 1960's - and supposedly - America wasn't obsessed with pets until NOW - so what's up with that? It really shows how things never change, they only get re-packaged.

These are a couple pictures I took of Buttercup last night.

These are photos depicting what a dog looks like when they are very clearly telling their owner that they are quite pissed off at you because you are sitting in a chair eating toast with cheez whiz on it -

But they are sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the room - and you have not picked them up to put them in the same chair that you are sitting on so that you may share your piece of toast with cheez whiz on it - with them - so therefore it is currently the sole mission of that dog's life to give you the hairiest eyeball that they have ever been able to muster up in their 14 1/2 year's of life.

I think Buttercup was doing a pretty adequate job if it last night!

On another note - I found a super neat local blog - it's a local photographer's blog, and it's really good - the photographer's name is "Tom England" - and the blog is at http://tom-england.blogspot.com/ - you should definitely check it out.


  1. At our house we call that the laser look. Both Will and Davie are good at it.

  2. I would love to see a photo of Davie with a laser look - how could she do it without still looking absolutely blissfully happy like she does all the time? I couldn't imagine! haha!

  3. We'll try to capture it for you. Happy Davie never directs it towards us, but towards Will if she thinks Will shouldn't come into the same room where we all are. And Will, in turn, does it to dogs she doesn't like to keep them out of her face.