Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some very smart shelties play with toys at Bark & Fitz

I met a couple of very smart smart shelties today at Bark & Fitz down on Doyle Street in Halifax today - Griffin and May May - and they demonstrated an interactive toy that someone had emailed me about just a couple of days ago that I thought was really neat.

There's a whole bunch of toys that come from Europe - made by "Nina Ottosson" - and they really make your dog think, and you sort of have to work with your dog too - the website where you can look at them is at http://www.nina-ottosson.com/index_english.htm - It turns out that Christine Greeening at Bark & Fitz has brought some of them in to sell at her store here in Halifax, which is really neat.

So I took some video of the shelties playing with the toys - Griffin is the first one up, but I've got to say that May May - the 2nd one I video'd - got it almost immediately - maybe it's because she watched Griffin doing it first! haha!

While I was there it was really hard to not buy one of these "on the go" dog bags. I have a serious weakness for purses - and one that is specific for dog owners - now THAT was hard to walk away from. I may have to go back....


  1. Now I have to go there and get a Nina Ottoson toy for Davie and Will.

  2. You won't regret it, Silvia - those toys would be perfect for you - they are meant to also engage the humans at the same time - unlike the treat dispensers that just sort of roll across the room - the one I have in the video was really neat, because once a dog "gets it" - I'd bet they could do it really fast - but a toy like the "tornado" - which is a toy that I only took a photo of - but you can see a video of on Nina's website - could take quite a while to get all the treats out of - I think I'd like to get that toy - all the toys are around $60

  3. That's a good price. I looked at Nina Ottoson's website a few times. In the new year, we'll take a trip and get one.