Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meanwhile the Puppy Millers Continue to sell Unabated

I wanted to make a post about this in counterpoint to the Janice Bingley/great dane puppy SPCA seizure post - the fact that Donna Boyd - who I also talked about in my first post about the Westville dogs seizure - she continues to sell her puppies unabated this pre Christmas week to an unsuspecting public - in the Chronicle Herald pet ads no less.
These 2 photos are of Pet ads from the Chronicle Herald this week - one from December 16th and the other from December 9th - and both from the Chronicle Herald Pet ads. Donna Boyds ads are the ones that say "Cavalier/Shih Tzu mixed pups $400", "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pups", and a 2nd ad for the "Cavalier/Shih Tzu mixed pups at $400.

And the anonymity of the Chronicle Herald DOES sell tons of puppies.

As well - on December 22nd = she's also advertising on Kijiji - here's her ad there.

The day after I wrote my post about the Westville dogs and Donna Boyd from Wilmot and Joe and Nan's Pups and the puppy mills they run - I had an email from a lady who said that her mother had told her she was looking to buy a puppy..... well, I'll let you read the email she sent me -

Your recent blog post from December 5, 2009 couldn't have come at a better time. I am originally from Annapolis Royal, NS. I am currently living in .... I got a call last night from my mom (who still lives in Annapolis) and she was saying that she had found an ad for a puppy in the Wilmot area and she had talked to the lady and was going to go see the pups this weekend. I immediately started drilling her with questions about the "breeder", the name of the kennel, whether she had checked with the lady's vet and all of that jazz...God love my mom for being completely naive...she had not done any of that and couldn't even remember the lady's name. Well, 5 minutes of searching online found the ad in the Chronicle Herald, a reverse name lookup with the phone number and a quick google of the name and voila....your post. Boyd was the name of the "breeder" and the description of her setup and the puppies was enough for me to say "no thanks" and let my mom know that she needs to look elsewhere. So...thank you very much :-) You have probably saved a lot of heartache.
I would love for my mom to find a great dog, she had a rough go with the last one she had. About 6 years ago she had a great NS Duck Toller that died after getting caught in an illegally set Bear Claw trap on her own land. It was an awful experience for her and it has really left her gun shy about owning another dog. Nothing came of the investigation after with the Department of Lands and Forrest and it was very disappointing. They talked to a few people and my mom suspects it was one of her neighbours down the road who just didn't use their brain. Who sets a trap 5 feet from a wood's road on land that doesn't even belong to them? A dead chicken in a bucket....what dog could resist? Argh. Terrible stuff.
I am going to be seriously pushing my mom to talk to a "real" breeder or better yet, check out the animal shelters in the area. It is such a nice feeling to rescue a dog. I love my retired greyhound :-)
Thanks again,

So at least we've saved one family from a lifetime of genetic heartache. No thanks to bad legislation here in Nova Scotia because the SPCA can do nothing about "breeders" like ones who live in sub divisons and keep 100 dogs in their basement - it does seem to appear as though there is an unevenness in the way they deal with people who deal in puppies in this province currently.


  1. Bless you for bringing this stuff up. More people need to realize how bad this is when breeders are only in it for the money and don't care about the pups being born and being sick etc.
    Thank you.
    Ernie & Sasha's Mom

  2. I should say though that I don't consider people like Donna Boyd and Joe and Nan Brady to be dog breeders - they are dog abusers who sell puppies. Dog breeders care about the animals that they have in their home - they care about the breed they've chosen, they want to improve the breed - and that's why they have the particular animals that they are breeding together - and they test the genetics of the dogs before they breed one to the other. People like Donna Boyd don't do any of that - and probably if they have a puppy that looks funny or has some health problem that precludes it from being sold - that puppy makes it into their breeding population. That's how little she cares about her genetic population. That is not a dog breeder - that's a dog abuser.

    And the fact that someone like that is allowed to continue selling their product in the 21st century - with everything we know about the minds of sentient beings - is pathetic. We won't let cows be treated like that anymore - why do we let dogs be continued to be treated that way.

  3. Keep up the great work with your Blog. I despair sometimes at our cruelty to animals.

    Are bear traps even legal here ? Thought leg hold traps were banned long ago.

    Enjoy your walks and have a great Christmas.


  4. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Donna Boyd is also advertising on Kijiji but does not leave her number. She contacts you. I recognize her ads. and of course the breed.. I also am aware of how she inseminates her females as she went into great detail to a friend on the phone and I heard every word of how she harvests the sperm and impregnates her females. This is pretty dangerous if you do not do it just right. I also know that she has been reported many times to the SPCA. She has never had her dogs taken away..They live in car carriers and cages. The only time she lets them out is to do her " dirty work". (insert shudder here) If there were concentration camps for dogs, they would be Donna Boyd's and the Brady's operation...Both well known to the SPCA.

  5. Anti-Puppy Mill Group5:29 PM

    Apparently Donna Boyd was going to shut down, move away, and leave her husband. Its now obvious that none of that has happened, and her acts of cruelty continue.

    This dirt bag has been known to tell people how to handbreed at home, and has provided detailed information about her basement kennel and how the wire cages required sandblasting to get the built up urine off of it.

    I know of a couple from N.B. who were going to purchase some of her "stock" and then discovered that it is not just a house in a quiet subdivision - yet a puppy mill operating in the basement.

    This woman should be ashamed of herself. She has been doing this for YEARS, once into Westies - now into anything that will sell, generate a buck at the cost of the dogs quality of life.

    Shame on you DONNA ! Shame on you !

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM


    Thank you for your continued coverage of such operations.

    Its important that people do not get away easy with what they do - yet have the truth made public on such blogs, forums, and websites like yourself.

  7. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Joan I will no longer be posting on facebook or here. There are really harsh people who really do not care about Janice's dogs they only care about being mean as though that empowers them. A few days ago on facebook a person by the name of Myke Hunt wished I would have a stroke or heart attack...ironically it was the day after I had been to the hospital because my blood pressure was too high...last night was a different story you can read it if you want on facebook. I came here to help Janice as I believed she was wronged- I still do, but I also believe her dogs are gone...for the people of Nova Scotia I am saddened that this could happen and when I try to bring the issue to the forefront, I get slammed. Yet the SPCA are silent...where is the accountability? Thanks for what you have done.Good Bye

  8. Anonymous3:28 PM

    well you better look at david lacey i see he so called female person has some think on here about shar-peis well i will let you know he let his shar-peis hock swell up so bad that it bursted and did not take it to the vet, until then and the dog just about died what do you think about him well they're a lot of people out there that do things just as bad and no one know about and just far as you you pick on people you done even no one day some one will shut you up you are a bully and you should be put away your insane crazybypolar bull sh-it your just insane you see i have of this ladys dogs 1 is 12 1 is 9 1 is 3 every healthy her dogs are the best these people you got to lie for you are bullys to they probablely breeders who are jealous of her and as far as her having so called ninety some in her basement you insane for sure i've been in there and it was build as the spca told her to do it and there was no 2/2 /3 pens in there ever i help her now and then you should be lock away like the other crazy people i would not want to love near you you just may burn my house down lock you up lock you up

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    why are you saying all these things about this lady .you have never net her or been to her home .she has a nice home and the dogs are well fed and keep clean and groomed.i know lots of people who has got her dogs and are happy with them.she even goes back and check to see if there ok .i have one and she still love mine.i am praying for you, what goes around comes around .i am a christian lady .and i am praying for you to see what your doing to this lady .come meet her .you would like her.what did she ever do to you

  10. Anonymous12:47 PM

    this is all lies ,why don.t you grow up, .you have never been to this ladys place .may god for give you for all the terrible lies you have told about this lady. god has a way of dealing with people like you

  11. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I'm not sure it's better to let these dogs continue to suffer or rescue at least one of them. Are the dogs that unhealthy? If the SPCA won't do anything, how do we help the dogs that are living in misery. I just lost my precious Shih-tzu to cancer and she was a rescue dog (she was living with a drug addict). Trying to find a small (hypo allergenic) dog is near impossible in Nova Scotia and there is a one to two year wait from a reputable breeder. No wonder people purchase from puppy mills. My mini-Schnauzer is miserable without her, so hoping I can find a small rescue dog to keep him (and us) company.