Friday, November 20, 2009

Shots around the house on a Friday

I haven't taken any photos around the house for awhile, so I thought I'd take some today - here's a photo of Bobby with his new haircut - I'm growing a pom on the end of his tail - doesn't he look cute? I think I'm going to go for the look of the Simpson's cat on one of the Halloween episode's - he is just SO cute - I wish he was as GOOD as he is CUTE!
Now here is some shots from Charlie and Daisy's daily face wrestles today.
I think that someone should start up a world wide dog face-wrestling federation - because Charlie and Daisy would become famous
They are the best face wrestlers in the world because Charlie doesn't actually have to move when they do it
You can't really tell from these shots - but they're all taking place right in one spot
Daisy totally runs around and takes up the whole circumference of the yard and gets some good exercise - but Charlie just stays in one spot and uses his face as Daisy comes and goes
And Daisy jumps on him and wrestles with his face - the "World wide face-wrestling Federation" - I'm sure there's other life bonded dogs out there who do it?
I was also taking some photos tonight, and here's one of them - Bobby seems to be turning out to be one very intense little dog - and his face really shows it, don't you think? We're hoping to go on a playdate tomorrow - hopefully I'll get some relaxed shots tomorrow...
This is just a cute shot of Jack and Bobby sniffing each other - Jack is always surprised whenever he comes upon another dog I think - he's so blind I think he forgets there's other dogs around sometimes until he comes right up their noses - or their penises - whichever end he comes upon first.

This is cute - this is Bobby digging one of his holes - my backyard is now filled with holes since Bobby arrived a few months ago - and here Bobby is starting to dig a hole....
Buttercup comes over to investigate as dogs will do when another dog starts to do something interesting....
And as dogs do - what do they say? "If you can't eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away" - in this photo - that's what Buttercup is doing! haha! I don't know what Bobby thought about that though!

And then finally we have a little montage of Buttercup photos that I took - just when she's looking absolutely beautiful - she's going in next week to get a haircut and get all this lovely hair cut off - what a shame, but it's a lot more comfortable for her though.
She was feeling very licky this afternoon - so I seemed to catch her a couple times in funny poses....

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  1. omg those pictures of Buttercup i can't deal with them.

    that would be neat to see a video of Charlie and Daisy playing! "Bitey Face" is a favorite game here too!

    most impress with Bobby's sweet expressions since he has his hair cut---i didn't realize he was quite so cute.

    Buttercup doesn't even look like a real dog--she is a stuffed toy. I never saw a sweeter face and that stripey nose gets me everytime. must go look again!!!