Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keep your eyes on the prize

Me and the big dogs went for a walk today in the woods
And I thought I'd take some pictures of a different type and took some shots of liver flying through the air and see if I could get some shots of the dogs catching it.
I was not disappointed. Daisy's ears flopped up -

Charlie's teeth bared out and he looked like a crazy dog
In this shot you can see the liver right at the top of the picture - Daisy never takes her eyes off the liver - have I said before that she's the hungriest dog in the world?
Here's another shot where the liver is at the top of the shot and Daisy has her eyes firmly focused on the projectile coming towards her - Charlie is patiently waiting for the brown thing to come in his direction.
In this shot you can see the piece of liver actually entering Charlie's mouth - and his mouth is eagerly open and waiting for the liver to enter it!
And the last shot is another like the one above - Charlie receiving his piece of liver - and Daisy saying - "why is the treat going to the right and not the left?"


  1. i really enjoyed these pictures of Charlie and Daisy! they are beautiful healthy dogs

  2. what are you doing with my Bullet? Charlie and Bullet could be littermates they look so much alike :)