Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Pets in Halifax moves to larger space

I was out in Bayer's Lake today to buy my dog food and had to drive further down in the same mall to find Global Pet's - they've moved to a larger space! This is proof positive that a pet store does NOT need to sell live animals - ie PUPPIES from PUPPY MILLS and BACK YARD BREEDERS like other local pet stores do - in order to be a successful business model - locally and I'm sure in other places in Nova Scotia and everywhere else, too. All you have to do is support your local animal community by being hugely philanthropic - like Global Pets is - and providing an excellent quality of products in your store. Congratulations to owners Lucie Larochelle and thomas Affeld and all the staff!
While I was there - since I wasn't planning on finding a nice, bright new store - I only had my blackberry with me - I thought I'd take a couple photos of a some neat things I saw in the store - who knew you could buy "Pet Head" products locally? I didn't! Now we can all dye our white dog's hair pink - and do with something that won't taste bad when they lick themselves! Yea!
I also noticed a couple of those "Pet Pheromone" kits there - for dogs and cats - so if you're into that type of stuff - Global Pets have them! I took a photo of that because I was emailed by someone in the last couple of weeks looking for one - so whoever was emailing me about them - go to Global!
And they also have the original "Peticure" Dremel type tooly things - I bought one of the knock-offs on the internet - and all my dogs went running from me as fast as they could - so I donated it to an online auction for a local "rescue" - I'm sure these original ones work much better!!

So go spend ALL your money at Global - and NOT at the stores that sell misery and greed in the cages at the back of the store - it's obviously working! Yea!!!


  1. That is pawsome! I love our Global here-but it's super small and clastrophobic! You can barely squeeze in & "browsing" is not an option! I get dizzy trying see everything and the sales clerks are right on top of you!

    The franchise is run by two local hairdressers..........

  2. Hi Joan! i loved this post-- there is a Global here in the valley too! it is a great store and you are spot on--so great to see a pet business succeed and no detriment to animals. i have no problem spending my money there--and boy can i ever spend it. And by the way, i bought some of that pheromone calming snake oil--i am a sucker for gimics--but my 2 are so laid back anyways--i think it made them stoned.hehehe