Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OT: Stone Temple Pilots - November 24 in Halifax

I love dogs and I love music - and tonight there was a great concert here in Halifax - I totally have been in love with Scott Weiland for a long time - Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots - I love it all. I almost love the heroin addiction. He was looking very good tonight, hopefully he is healthy now.

The crowd at this concert was funny, and I mean funny ha ha (to me) - it was almost all men about my age and a little younger - Mr. Weiland seems to have captured a certain demographic, that's for sure. I totally felt like I was back in about maybe - 2000. It was awesome. At least for a couple hours!

The below video is some of what I got tonight - one of my favourite songs - "Dead and Bloated" - I was totally pissing off the guy behind me up in the cheap seats because I kept standing up whenever a song I really liked started to play - no one in the stands was standing up - so I'd stand up, and then I'd have to sit back down. It really sucks getting old. And I don't know who that asshole was who was singing really loud right next to the camera. Someone really should have asked them to quiet down....

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