Saturday, October 17, 2009

An elected official being ridiculous

I feel it's my civic duty to share with as many people as possible situations that public figures have let themselves look ridiculous when those public figures have proven over and over that they hate dogs - and I don't think that there's an elected official in the HRM that's shown themself to fit that definition more than Peter Kelly, and that person seems to love nothing more than putting a wig on and looking like a fool and then letting someone photograph him.

In February he let me write a post titled - "I think Mr. Kelly just lost the next election" when he let someone put Kiss makeup on him for a RADIO interview.

And now the current Frank has this lovely photo of our most esteemed Mayor with some kind of wig on - when Sir Paul McCartney was in town. Maybe he was trying to go incognito in case Sir Paul tried to tackle him about the whole eating seal thing when Mr. Kelly lost a bet to a Mayor over a football game or something or other in the last couple of years. Does anyone remember that? My mind is a little blank about that - but I seem to remember Peter had to eat seal when he lost a bet. If Sir Paul knew that - he would've flipped (or should I say flippered?)

If Mr. Kelly is anything, he is at least flavourful. Too bad he hates dogs so much.

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  1. Ok..those pictures are too funny...

    Peter Kelley's attitude about animal welfare is not!