Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Nathan Winograd videos!!

While surfing for other stuff - I've come upon some great, pretty long interviews with mine, and everyone else's here - Nathan Winograd - so I thought I'd link them up here - it's Mr. Winograd talking about what he likes to talk about - a no kill nation, and how to get there - with regime changes, looking at your animal control department, and not blaming the wrong demographic. He's very good.


Part 1 where Nathan talks about a no kill solution - 27 minutes long

Part 2 where Nathan continues to talk and he talks about his book - 28 minutes long

"Strayed - the story of how the Animal Welfare Community Lost it's Way - from Animal Ark - a rescue organization in Minnesota"

This is a 20 minute video from Mike Fry and Animal Ark describing Nathan's philosophy and how it will save animals everywhere from dying - it's very cute, and informative.

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  1. Janet Chernin2:05 PM

    Thanks Joan for finding these videos - you are always such a great resource ... kudo's