Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day one and Two in Las Vegas

From Day One in Las Vegas
So me and my friends have arrived in Las Vegas - I forgot that my laptop has something wrong with it so that I can't upload photos to blogger - so we're going to have to share the pain and have to look at the photos I've taken over on my Picasa Photo albums site - but so far I haven't really taken very many pictures for some reason.

Yesterday most of the day was spent in airplanes and I was up for almost 24 hours straight, and then today was spent following my friends - for those of you who know us - Netta and Janet - around the Vegas strip - shopping.

Tonight I'm beat to shit - we were all supposed to go see Bette Midler - but I was too tired, so I currently have Janet completely pissed off with me. But the reason I came all this way was because I wanted to go see the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - which we're going to see tomorrow, and I wanted to come to the No More Homeless Pets Conference. And I came here a couple days early so that I could rest up and do those 2 things - and today all we did was walk around and shop - and there was only one thing I wanted to buy - which I did.

All the glitz and continuous being marketed to that Las Vegas has to offer isn't something that really thrills me - so I'm not having all that much fun so far.

From Day One in Las Vegas
In fact - I've had some completely horrible times - the only time I've gotten to the pool so far was yesterday when I was there just as it was closing and I was taking a couple pictures, when a person came up behind me and said the place was closing and I had to leave - she startled me - and I dropped my $4,000 camera on the concrete ground - smashing it. And all the girl had to say was "well now I'm going to have to find someone to clean up that glass". And I said to her - "that was a $1,000 lens that just broke - I can't believe that just happened." And she just looked at me. I guess things like that happen everyday in Las Vegas.

I was horrified and devastated - how and where was I going to replace my $1,000 lens - an expense I certainly hadn't prepared for. When I got back to my room I realized the glass that had smashed was the uv filter I had on the top of my lens - so the lens itself was okay - just completely bent in - so it still functions - it just looks like I've recently returned from a war zone.

I've also learned that people who don't have diabetes eat on a different schedule than people who do have diabetes. So that will be interesting in the coming days too.

Palm trees are awesome though. I wish we could have those in Nova Scotia - they are beautiful.

So tomorrow's a big day - trying to find Kanab, Utah and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I hope I live through the day. It should be interesting.

This is a slideshow from day one -

This is a slideshow from day two -


  1. Joan,

    Oh My! When you get home we can sit down and commiserate on Vegas. I have had to go there several times. If you dont like glitz and walking a lot through mall like hotels and casinos..with the ding ding ding constantly in your head it can be a nightmare!

    I am so sorry you missed Bette but I probably would have done the same thing. Good thing you kept your priorities straight. Janet will get over it! Probably is already as she probably loved her Bette experience.

    We dont do shows when we go to Vegas. We did Blue Man Group once. That's it. We dont gamble, or really drink. We usually head off in the car to places like Red Rock canyon and Vegas is a stopping place to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park etc etc.

    Do google - there are some beautiful gardens in Vegas. Go have a tea at the Wynn. I do love Dale Chihuly's Gallery at the Bellagio.

    I can imagine trying to keep your blood sugar on track will be challenging.

    I hope the trip to Best Friends was a good experience! That drive is long and boring.

    The last time we were in Vegas Dennis had work and I literally stayed in the hotel room and read a great book for two days. The rest of the time I found sanctuaries for coffee..and a break. People, crowds, noise, etc. overwhelm me. Although most are having a great time! Its just not my kind of time.

    So glad it was only your filter that was damaged! I can imagine how devastated you would have been if it was the lens!!!!!!!!!!! Although bad enough that the whole event happened and you lost a filter!

    Now...waiting on your next post when you write about the real things you went to Vegas for!!!!!!!! I hope they are as good as anticipated!

    Tell the others I said to have fun..and behave themselves! LOL! Netta should be very busy answering emails from me!


  2. Hi Joan, glad it was just the filter and not the actual lens.
    I was in Vegas long, long ago. It can seem like an empty, sad place. Sorry you missed Bette Midler. Have a marvellous trip and thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Take care. Sybil