Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Photos from a lazy Labour Day

So everybody today was resting after a busy long weekend - which is something that everybody here does really well -
Daisy especially likes to "rest"!

I'd say the breed of rottweillers are probably known as being very good at laying down and not being particularly very interested in getting up if they don't have to - that's why so many of them end up having backs very similar in appearance to coffee tables - of which Daisy has worked very hard to emulate. She's lost some weight recently, but in the past - she was very true to her breed standard.
I have recently moved the dogs beds around - so Buttercup has a new cushy bed into one of her favourite spots, so she's pretty happy about that.
A close-up of Bobby with his favourite thing in the world, shaking the shit out of a toy
And a close-up of Buttercup watching Bobby shake the shit out of a toy. She's never very impressed with that - she thinks she can do that much better than him - and truly, she can - she's so beautiful when she does it. He's merely enthralling.
Charlie taking everything in, and letting his hair blow off him so that it can accumluate in humungous dust bunnes everywhere so that I look like a very bad housekeeper, but making me very thankful that I own a dyson vacuum cleaner.I was taking a couple photos of a travel blanket that I'm donating to an auction coming up - and Bobby thought that it needed a model - so he stepped right into the middle of the blanket and laid down
I thought that was very nice of him!
This is Buttercup waiting for her "grandfather" to come home so that he could take up the other 3/4 of this chair
This is Jackie out in the kitchen waiting for his piece of cheese that he gets at 8pm - he lets me know - starting at about 7:45pm that it's "cheese time" - he has an internal clock that's amazing.
Daisy trying to maneouver her way through the small dogs so that nobody notices her. All small dogs are evil as far as she's concerned and she tries to stay as far away as possible.

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  1. hahaha--i like that Jackie knows when it is cheese time, that made me laugh.

    buttercup is looking pretty cute waiting for her gramps!