Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 2 at the Halifax Kennel Club Show

Another day at the dog show today, I think I may be finally all talked out. Having a lady selling the best tasting cupcakes in the entire world certainly helped us keep up our energy though - at the table directly across from us! I now have a new bad addiction - cupcakes! I was so in love that I didn't take one photo - I have that problem, the things I like the most I always forget to take photos of! But luckly she has a website that I can point you to -
There were some more amazing dogs there today - here's an irish setter
And this is an airedale terrier who was just so beautiful - his name was Logan - and he loved the camera like you wouldn't believe - every time the camera clicked his ears just went up - he was so cute!
He was perfect!

You can't ask for anything more when you're taking a picture of a dog than this
And this guy wanted to say hello to everyone and was pulling his owner everywhere trying to say hello
This guy was waiting to go into an obedience ring I think - he or she was lovely - but I had an uncle who was a collie breeder, and I have a phrase that rings through my ears whenever I see a dog like that that I'm sure he'd say if he saw a dog like that - he'd be saying "I'd have weights on those ears if that was my dog" - but that of course has nothing to do with good obedience - which is what is actually the important thing!
And I talked about these poodles yesterday - I am so in love with these guys. I think my next dog may not be a black russian terrier - it may be a standard poodle from this kennel if this lady is still breeding when I am looking for my next dog (when all my current dogs are gone and only Bobby is left)
This dogs name is Remy - and the kennels name is "Seven Sea's" - she up in Vaughn Nova Scotia, and too bad that she doesn't currently have a website, but I'm going to keep this place in my radar because the temperament of these dogs was unbelievable. Really beautiful.


  1. I saw this article and thought of you. Interesting idea - bet you have something like this in Halifax too.

  2. Joan,

    Just got a chance to come in and read! Your photos are GREAT as usual! Thanks for doing our ARPO pamphlet! Another great job! Also its always good to have you to talk responsible ownership at our booth!

    The show has been fun! I got to see more Leonbergers and meet a Leo lady I have been wanting to meet for quite awhile! Also there were some great Newfs there ..I am such a lover of the Giant breeds! LOL!

    We made some great was with a great rescue - Springer Rescue of Eastern and Central Canada The created this great card to carry in your car that you can put on windsheilds of cars you may see in parking lots with dogs in them. ARPO will be handing these out at any of our booth events.

    So the show was great fun! and you are right..that cupcake lady had the most AMAZING CUPCAKES!