Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halifax Kennel Club Show today

So today was the first day of the Halifax Kennel Club's annual Fall show - and there were lots of dog's there to look at and take photos of.
This standard poodle was amazing! Her handler was letting him get up on him and kiss him and go crazy - it was so beautiful to see - they were being so indulgent, I couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful and loving.
This dog was having a fantastic time at the show, and the people around him were trying to get kids to come over so that he could give them kisses and stuff because he really loves kids - this is a lucky dog.

This is a curly coated retriever - I talked to her owner/handler and she was really nice and we talked about the breed for awhile - great breed, great dog - they're like a poodle coat that never gets long - I hope the breeders of these dogs can keep the breed contained so that it never gets in the hands of puppy millers, that would be super.
Now this is how you like to see dogs and their owners - with the owner inside the xpen with them - haha! If I owned an xpen - that's where I'd be!
Isn't this english bull terrier beautiful? She was such a nice dog too.
Here's another black standard poodle who's owner came down from Ontario - can you tell I have a thing for black poodles? Her name was Harmony

She was another beautiful dog.
Now this dog - when I was taking this photo - I think it was her owner, was to my right, and I think she was trying to take his photo, and she was waiting for him to look at her - and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for her to take the picture so that I could move - and she would not take the picture - so I just said screw it - and I moved - and she muttered "walk in front of my camera, won't you" - because I decided that instead of waiting for the dog's face to move - I would move to where the dog was actually looking because do you know what? I am not an idiot.

Isn't this guy beautiful? This was a beautiful example of an english bulldog
German shepherds were being shown while I was there, very slopy.
This was neat - there was a lineup of about 10 dogs - all in a row, waiting to be groomed and fussed with.
This is someone's groom box. I drooled a little bit, I love grooming supplies. I wish my dogs didn't try to bite me when I pull out my andis 2 clipper.
A little chihuahua being groomed

One lone chow in a room full of dogs who are not chows
The widest goofiest smile you will ever meetThe only place I ever see staffies is at these dog shows

The Animal Rescue Coalition table
Our ARPO table - we're still going to be there tomorrow

Below is a slideshow of more photos I took today - and you can also see photos at my photo album at -

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  1. A chow, but no Shar Pei? Darn!
    Great pics !:)