Friday, September 4, 2009

Missing Dog in Dartmouth

I sent an email out to people I know about this last week - but I thought I'd post this here as well, because this dog is still missing, and I noticed that they've also got a Kijiji posting about this as well - and I feel bad for this family - while they were here in Dartmouth visiting family, their dog ran away on August 23rd, and after looking frantically for her - they had to return home to Oromocto without her.

Champ is a poodle/chi mix but looks like a terrier and is 6 years old - she has a hard to see tattoo in one ear and responds to her name. If you know of anyone who's recently adopted a dog who looks like this - please tell them about this posting, and show them the photos - her family are missing her like crazy - the kijiji posting is at

The phone numbers to call are 506-208-0275
435-1153 (parents home phone number in Dartmouth)

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  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Anyone on Facebook, go on the kijiji ad and there's a link to post it to your Facebook profile. Another way to spread the word!