Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wrestling on a Sunday

After I was finished mowing the lawn tonight and was picking up poop
the dogs decided they needed to have a good wrestle
It is so much It is so much fun to watch them have fun
Even Buttercup got in on the action
Usually Bobby tries to break it up, but today he stayed on the sideline and chewed on a bone and just growled at them - so Daisy and Charlie got to wrestle for as long as they wanted
so they took full advantage of the opportunity
and wrestled and wrestled
and ran and ran
and wrestled some more
and just had a ton of fun

I ostensibly had taken my camera with me into the back yard to take pictures of some flowers
that I had noticed when I was mowing the lawn, and these are them..

Some of the photos that I took were outside of the backyard - so this is Jackie saying to me - "Where in the hell were you? And why are you coming back with no treats in your pocket?"

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