Friday, August 7, 2009

Prospect Bay Just Before it began to rain

Prospect Bay today was stunning as usual
We went there with the big dogs and they had a very good time
We got there and left just before it really started raining, which was good
You could see it coming on the horizon which was neat
There's no place in the world like the coast of Nova Scotia
It's amazing that at 6 o'clock on a Friday night there'd be no one else at such a beautiful spot - that's the great thing about where we live
There really is enough space for all of us here

The little dogs got to go to Fort Needham this afternoon and it was the same thing - late afternoon on a Friday - it was sunny then - and the place was deserted
Where is everybody? Somewhere else.
It blows my mind that all the beautiful spaces we have here in the HRM and outside - and the government says that we have to relegate ourselves to something like 8 tennis court spaces as the only places that we can legally take our dogs off leash
No wonder these tennis court spaces are empty - when I drove by Long Lake directly after leaving here - there were cars parked all along the road - the place was probably packed with people and dogs - and of course that is an "on leash only" provincial park.

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