Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pugapalooza 2009

I'd say that the organizers of Pugapalooza 2009 would herald the event a complete success - there were a ton of pugs at the event this past Saturday, and they all ran around with crazy abandon and everyone had a ton of fun.
There were pugs everywhere - fawn ones, black ones - big ones, small ones

Ones all dressed up - this guy was particularly funny, don't you think?
Luckily the weather turned out good - and the pugs could also run around outside - so they had all their contests for prettiest pug and dressed up pug and things like that outside - and it looked like their prizes were really good - too bad Bobby didn't magically turn into a pug.
This guy's name was Molly - I guess she's an old pro at these types of costumes and loves it - she just sort of sat in the middle of the room and took everything in - Christmas in July is nothing new to her!
So there were about 100 pugs - and then there was Bobby! He was just about the only non-pug there which was pretty funny - we were there to sell our dehydrated liver and to try and let people know that we've started selling our liver at the Three Dog Bakery over in Dartmouth Crossing - one thing that sucked about Saturday was that it was an off leash event - so we had a ton of dogs coming to our table to try and knock it over to get to the liver - but none of them had their owners with them!! So none of the humans knew what fabulous stuff we had at our table - luckily though Bobby had a fabulous time
He was such a good boy - I was completely amazed at how good he was - he really was quite perfect and I am so happy that he had such a good time and he did really well
So I am really glad we went just for him - it was his first time being off leash around other dogs - and really, his first time off leash - and he loved it. It's the first time of innumerable times that we'll have experiences like that, I'm sure
Isn't this guy funny? He has the perfect pug face.
Another shot of him with the flash off - and still his face looks perfect!

Here's a slideshow of shots from Saturday!


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Oh my Gosh, how funny. I wonder if my friend Melissa, mother of a pug called Becky knew about this. She would die!

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    In the mean time, thanks for sharing your blog. The pups are so sweet.



  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I am glad the event went well and I have heard great things from a few others who attended. Events like this should be heralded as successes for sure and I think the people who make the efforts to put these sort of things on should be commended.

    One gripe and hopefully does not take away from what I do believe is a good thing and applaud those involved. The posters that are posted in multiple places throughout Point Pleasant and are left posted after the event is over. I have taken a number down and don't find it a big deal but I don't see them all and I know last year there were some still left over a month after the event.

    As a dog owner not a big deal but it could be used as another argument against dog owners not respecting the park or other HRM areas that are dog friendly. Surely whomever posts them can return or ask for help from others to walk through the park and take down the posters.