Friday, July 24, 2009

Somebody is very unhappy

Poor Daisy - I think she impaled herself on something on our walk on Monday because she's got a goink in her left armpit that she's been working on.
She's licked off all the hair so that it's basically now a hot spot that's oohy and gooey, so I borrowed this elizabethan collar from my friend Lisa - and Daisy's not too happy about it.
I figure I'll leave it on Daisy for about 24 hours to let the sore dry out and start to form a scab.
Daisy has never had to undergo this form of torture before though and is currently banging into everything in the house, she's currently completely given up and is just lying perfectly still on my bedroom floor hoping that the world will somehow completely disappear. She can just lie there for the next 24 hours until the sore starts to scab up I figure. Poor Daisy. Even with this on though she's still startlingly beautiful.

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