Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few neat emails

I've gotten a couple good emails in the last couple days that I thought I'd put here.

The first one I got was from a guy named Robert Sachs down in the States. He's got a radio show on "NPR" called "What Would Rob Do" and the byline on his website says -"It's a guide to life's most trying dilemmas, but not those life-or-death dilemmas, more the quandaries we face every day. Rob Sachs leads the way into personal territory others fear to tread."

He emailed me and said - I was just reading your blog and I thought you might be interested in listening to my recent podcast on what to do you when your does something embarrassing. Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/neb3uk

The link he gave me goes to a page that looked kind of wonky to me, so I googled him a bit and came up with a page that lists all of his past podcasts - so you can listen to a bunch of his subjects, which are interesting - that page is at http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=510065 - and his dog podcast is actually pretty interesting because it features an interview with Victoria Stillwell - of "It's Me or the Dog" fame. So that was quite a coup to get that interview, I'm sure! He's also got a Facebook page at his "Rob Sachs Fan Page" - and of course he's also got a blog at http://www.npr.org/blogs/wwrd/

The second email I got came in today and it's about a contest where you can win $15,000 for making a 2 minute video about why you love Nova Scotia!

This is what the email said -

We want to hear from Nova Scotians and visitors alike about all the things they love about it. I think it would be totally funny if you put something on with you and your dogs. There are so many people who travel with their pets. Really pets deserve a vacation too right!

It doesn’t have to be fancy…it just has to be real and genuine. The prize is a $15,000 custom built dream vacation in Nova Scotia. That means the vacation is tailored to what you love, whether you love nature, outdoor adventures or restaurants and spa retreats, or a combination of it all, we’ll give you the vacation of a lifetime. And think of the friends or family you might like to invite to join you. With $15,000, you can even fly them in.

If you want to learn more about the contest visit www.novascotia.com/ilove

The contest runs from Contest runs from July 9 to August 31, 2009, voting continues until September 30, 2009 - and as of today it looks like they've only had 15 videos submitted - so there's a lot of wiggle room - and a lot of cute dogs that need to be videotaped!!!!!! You could email Cynthia@novascotia.com if you wanted more information.

The third email I got was about where I post information about local dog events coming up - and I thought I'd put my answer here, because it's good information.

This was what the email I got said - "I see that you are looking for dog events – I was wondering where you list them when you do get them? I’d love to check it out.

Also – my contribution – I take my dog (Milo) to the Chewed Slipper (www.thechewedslipper.com) in Lower Sackville on weekday nights (there is a schedule) for Doggie Socials – it is great! It is $5 and the can run, play and bark all he wants. He comes home exercised and exhausted. He nearly digs through the car door to get out when we get close to the building he loves it that much. Highly recommended!

I recognize I have been negligent in the past few weeks about this. I have several things in my file that I have to post about that are coming up, and usually once a summer I make a page over on my Charlie loves Halifax site about fun touristy things to do that are dog friendly - like the fact that Shakespeare by the Sea is dog friendly, and that you can take your dog with you onto the Tall Ship Silva, and that there's dog friendly B&B's locally like "The Pebble", and that the "Fiesta al Fresco" film festo is dog friendly - but I haven't done that yet this summer - but hopefully I'll get to that soon.

But what I do usually is that periodically I'll make a blog post called "Upcoming events" - and put a link to that blog post on the main page of the Charlie loves Halifax website - and then sometimes I'll also put events on the side bar of that main page if I'm feeling especially energetic.

So that's one of the ways you can find out about upcoming dog friendly events - you can also join Facebook and sign up for any of the kajillion Facebook groups for local stuff - they're too many to list here - I've got a few of them on my page "Ways to connect with other local dog owners"

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  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Hi Joan,

    Thanks for sharing our contest with your followers! Wish I could adopt a pup after reading your post. :(