Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perhaps the most disturbing video I've ever seen

This is maybe the most disturbing video I've ever almost watched. I couldn't watch the whole thing - it's a video from North Carolina that shows not just one, two, three, or four - but a whole bunch of dogs being put into a box tobe gassed to death. It's completely crazy. It shows them opening the box top to put more dogs in and the dogs inside trying to get out. And once they've killed the first batch of dogs - they come out with a litter of puppies - they look like lab puppies - and put them ON TOP OF - the dead dogs that they've just killed, and then gas those dogs - and I guess - regass the original dogs - maybe they're doing that for good measure.

I've never seen anything like it - we've all heard about it - but until you've seen it - you never understand what it's like. For anyone to say that this is in any way humane - has never actually experienced it. If you're going to be a kill facility - you've got to provide a good and peaceful death - and using a gas machine definitely does not provide that.

I'm very happy that the Cape Breton SPCA has said that they aren't using their gas box anymore. I really hope they aren't


  1. There was no way I could press play... but even just your description of the video made my heart ache. I have one of those very visual brains, and I picture everything anyone says in my head. Those visions of what you said will haunt me for a while. I don't think I'll get to live to see the day where animals are treated respectfully in a 'no kill' society... but I can hope that my children (that I don't yet have) will see it.

  2. I lack the fortitude to watch. But I will keep fighting for no kill until my last breath, I swear.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I can't watch - I also will keep fighting for no kill shelters.

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I watched it. The cries of the dogs were so awful that Jenny ran over to me scared and pressed herself against my leg looking for comfort.

    -Marc and Jenny

  5. Oh God, Marc - that was one thing when I watched (most of it) - I turned the sound down. You are way braver than all of us.


  6. Joan,

    I, too, couldnt watch this but I even have a hard time walking in the shelter etc.

    I too am a very visual person like Ang.

    I dont have to see a video to know gassing dogs or treating any animal to a death like this and using this process is horrible and shows a true lack of empathy for life of any kind.

    Yet that being said I am becoming more and more against using these types of video etc to help change peoples minds about procedures and policies in animal welfare and fighting abuse and neglect in society at large.

    There is enough of this type of campains out there that I really think the public is becoming more and more desensitized from it which is the opposite effect I would think any one in animal welfare wants to have happen.

    How effective are the starving children in Africa infomercials on tv anymore? This is what I am afraid of for animal welfare campains.

    I would opt better for positive images of healthy happy animals being treated with respect and empathy. Pictures of the joys of owning a pet. Then perhaps asking how could anyone kick, starve, chain out in the cold, neglect,abuse etc this animal.

    Ads that show puppies being taught bite inhibition then showing the results of being a responsible owner. A well socialized dog that plays with a toy and not the hand of a human etc.

    A good vet visit and say that the visit prevented that dog from suffering such and such fate.

    A reputeable breeder with a bitch with pups in appropriate environment and say - was this the start your dog got in life?

    Show happy healthy rescue and fosters and ask..could you put this dog back in a cage? Who put it there in the first place?

    This type of approach shows the right behaviours yet also gives opportunity to allow the public to understand that of course it is never always that way..

    Perhaps a great pictures of a mixed breed bitch with puppies..then a fact underneath that says...such and such a number of pups are turned into shelters every year in Nova your dog spayed/neutered?

    This is off the top of my head but I think you get my gist and with work the adverts could be extremely effective in regards to puppy mills, pet shops, etc etc etc.

    I know a lot of people dont hear the great messages of some of these shock value (even though real situation) type campains because they just cant or dont want to look at the horrific footage that goes with them.

    I know even the PETA one with the chained dog outside and the cute catchy song breaks my heart to watch and I flick the channel. Although I have to give them credit because the cute song caught my attention in the first place. The are the masters of media for sure.

    I really do hope you get the gist of what I am articulation seems stifled today..LOL!


  7. Janet Chernin3:06 PM

    No way could I watch that nor do I intend too - seen to many films about the Holocaust that this horror is still performed on sentient animals makes me sick to my stomach.

    Truly mankind is cruel and we all have to look into our souls to stop this type of killing.

  8. Oh My god!
    I was horrified! I ran over to my dogs after the vidio and hugged them and cried like a child. I have been moved after seeing that.

  9. I would be even happier if all the SPCA shelters would adopt no-kill policies - WITHOUT rejecting strays and owner surrenders! We have more than enough people to serve as foster homes. And there is a great prison program that should be continued!!