Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clayton Ruby seems to be helping a pit bull - Ginger

I got sent the story of "Ginger" - a pit bull who's been on death row up in Ontario for the past 4 years today.

It was after the pit bull ban came into effect - so Ginger was leashed and muzzled when Philip Huggins mother took her out for a walk at 6am, and another dog ran up to her and bit her and tore her muzzle off - and Ginger retaliated and bit the dog back, and also bit the dog's owner. The question is - was she just defending herself - or was she the aggressor.

At the time - obviously they made the choice that she was the aggressor and she was sentenced to death. Since 2005 her owner has been fighting in the courts to keep her alive and "two months ago, Ontario Court Justice Mary Hogan set the destruction order aside, stating her "concern ... that such a dog would be ordered destroyed in circumstances where the dog had no culpability whatsoever." "

Clayton Ruby, and the Banned Aide Coalition became involved with Ginger and her owner's case two weeks ago - after her owner's been fighting with Toronto Animal Services since 2005 - and somehow, Clayton Ruby has got what he termed an "illegal order" changed so the dog could be released to Huggins. The 2005 custody order, he said, was "beyond the jurisdiction of the city."

So after 4 years - while Ginger awaits her fate - she's finally at home with her owner. It seems that Mr. Ruby does have some legal smarts to effect some positive change for at least one pit bull type dog and her owner. That is fabulous.

You can read about the story in an article at "Death Row Dog learns fate today"

I hope the case has a positive outcome for all involved.


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    The City of Toronto has won the right to appeal.
    Ginger the Terrier-ist is in "the doggie death house" again,so to speak.
    Don`t know if she was taken back into custody immediately or whether she`s under house arrest with an ankle bracelet like the many alleged Terrorists who live in Toronto.

    Living in Ontario is "substantially similar" to living on the set of Saturday Night Live it appears.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Odd that you are not blaming the owner - what a refreshing change!