Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good news for dogs on the peninsula

Today's Chronicle Herald ran an ad that announced the "Canine Casbah" is now a legal occupation on the peninsula - so we now have a legal in home doggy day care on the peninsula in Halifax - isn't that fabulous? Finally - after all these years of fighting with the city - they did the right thing - and listened to the people. I think I'll make a separate post about the subject when it's not 1:19am and I don't have such bad jimmy leg - but it's a great leap forward for dog politics in the HRM.
To celebrate - we converged on Oak Street - and Janet and I had a duelling off to see who had the cuter dog - Maximo or Bobby.
Definitely Janet gets the award for being more glamorous than me.

Maximo is very cute though - and tonight we put a top knot in his hair because his hair is getting really long, which really upped his beautiful quotient.
But Bobby is very cute too - and he doesn't need any adornment to help him - he just IS beautiful, so really - I think they're really at a dead heat.

Pickle was out for awhile looking for some love - while Janet was doing the dishes and filling the dishwasher - I don't know, she might have been hungry - but I've never noticed bull-terriers being food motivated at all - has anybody else noticed that? haha!

I was also over picking up Janet's donation for tomorrow's dog jog - she has sponsored me $130 for the dog jog - which brought me up to $250 in pledges! So tomorrow should be a good day for me and Buttercup - I hope the weather holds up!


  1. Janet Chernin8:16 AM

    Well it's now time to ROCK the CASBAH and have a PAWTY! YIPEE

    The biggest irony of this whole debacle is that Kyra Foster who now owns Willow's (past owner of a dog day care and who has boarded dogs in her rented house)called bylaw enforcement to query about my business and resulted in the 'dogs of bureaucracy' to take 4 years to ultimately legitimize my business... this had made the CANINE CASBAH the ONLY LEGAL in home dog day care / in home boarding 'facility' on the Peninsula of HRM !

  2. Ha Ha that is so cute! Bobby did great! He is a sweetie! We all know Maximo is funloving and sweet too. You are right..who to choose ..who to choose...well..I came home to Nells..and my vote is with her! LOL!

    Congrats Janet - A job well done in getting yourself legal and rallying the community to support you in what is a very real need in this city and on the pennisula - in-home doggy daycare!