Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today's SPCA Metro Dog Jog

It was a rainy day, that's for sure - but a lot of people showed up anyway, which was good.

I think I decided today that Buttercup is officially too old to represent the Dogkisser dogs at public functions because I don't think she enjoyed herself for one second - well actually -
she did enjoy herself after we left the function and I put her down on the ground and she walked back to the car - but the whole time we were at the dog jog she was up in my arms shivering and acting like she was a 13 year old dog who felt like she was 91 years old in human years, and really should not have been forced to come out in the rain.

I was originally going to bring Bobby - but Buttercup was squealing really badly to come, and Bobby got to go to Janet's house last night, so I thought it was only fair that she got some one on one time today - but once she got there I think she was regretting the squealing. Bobby also has impacted anal glands - we think, anyway - which is kind of gross, but his asshole is huge and he seems to have liquid brown stuff sort of oozing out of his bum hole. So I am going to let a professional deal with that - and maybe he might appreciate not having strange dogs smell his arsehole if he's got some anal leakage going on....

But anwyay - the dogs who were there - other than Buttercup seemed to be having a good time - I've got a slideshow at the end of this post with the photos I took today - and if you're on Facebook I posted the photos there as well. My friend Lisa was also there and posted the photos she took - You can check them out here

Talking about Facebook - did you know you can use usernames there now? I of course grabbed the "dogkisser" handle - so to find me on Facebook you can search "Joan Sinden" - but you could also search "dogkisser" - my profile can be found at - I don't know why Facebook didn't do that from the very beginning.

Here is Maximo being cute. That's not too hard for him to do, though.
Wasn't this cute? The person selling 50/50 tickets was going around using her dog as the advertisement - I thought that was very inventive.

This great guy was a husky who was at the Dog Jog representing "Nova Scotia Husky Rescue" - which is one that I've never heard about - but I'm glad it exists because Nova Scotia definitely needs it. They have a website at

Today's event also had some working dog's there - this is a smelling detection dog - and I had some liver in my hand - and him and the dog next to him cued right away that I had something on me - and they very much liked me! But alas, I could give them no treats.

And this is Cody, who I've talked about before, his Dad Don has given great tips on places to go for my Charlie loves Halifax site - Cody is also part of the "Therapeutic Paws of Canada" and has children read to him. Today was the first time I've met him in person, and he's a great dog.

These were treats from 3 Dogs Bakery - I think I was a bit hungry, because I wanted to eat one myself they looked so good - I don't know how they can make all those cookies and treats look so appetizing and still make money - they are amazing!

I had my eye on this irish wolfhound and he (or she) didn't seem to mind the weather one little bit - he had this same smile on their face the whole day - like as if they were pretty used to misty, damp weather - I wonder why? haha!

These 4 photos are of a dog named Rory - he came into the Dartmouth shelter a few months ago - and I met him very briefly a little while after he came in, and he was in unbelieveable shape -
He really should have been dead he was so thin - staff were having to feed him really small bits of food every hour in order to keep him alive and not over-tax his system - I can't remember what his story was, and it's probably better to forget it anyway - because look at him now - he's amazing and beautiful and fully recovered.

He went from the edge of death to being in a loving, forever home - thanks to the gentle care of the Dartmouth SPCA - and he gets to go to great things like the dog jog - and smell other dogs butts and just be a normal dog - isn't that super? I think it is.

He is a beautiful dog - and he's no different than any dog at the dog jog today - even though he was horribly abused - he's just happy to be alive, and he's deeply in love with his Mom. Although he definitely had something to say about the flash on my camera!

I've been going to the Dog Jog's now for 9 years - it was 9 years ago that I went for the 1st time with Charlie - at Shubie park - and it poured rain that year too - I didn't have a blog or website back them, though - so I didn't take any photos back then.

In 2007 I wrote a post where I posted photos starting in 2003 that went up to 2007 - that post is here if you want to check it out - that's the first year it was at Point Pleasant Park in many years - and in 2008 I didn't make it to the dog jog - but Snap Halifax did - and their article about it is still online if you wanted to check that out.

These 2 photos were taken after I left the dog jog - and good news for us dog owners - the canteen keeps dog treats on their counter! So if you want to get an ice cream cone for yourself - grab a dog treat for the dog!

And when I was in the parking lot I saw the intrepid Clicker Leash Queen Adina and her trusty sidekick the owner of Fur My Friends Amy with their retinue of collies George, Gracie, Seven, and - Jesus - I can never remember the name of their 8th dog - is it Muli? I've got a mental block about that puppy I'm sorry to say. Someone's going to have to correct me and I'll edit the post. Sorry about that.


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Mila and your pics & write up are great as usual :o)


  2. Joan,

    Great blog and pictures from the event!

    I just want to tell a little story if I could in the comment section.

    A young girl came up to Nells and I. She was there without a dog as they were doing research on getting a dog. They had to be careful because her Mom has allergies. This kid was amazing. She learned all about puppy mills etc.

    On her own this kid, Julie, raised $300 for the dog jog! There she was in the rain without a dog. I gave her Nells to walk! She deserved to walk a dog!

    Nells and Julie were so cute together. I taught her some of Nells cues like - over, round, back, wait, etc. They did them all perfectly.

    I really hope she gets her dog soon! She will be an awesome owner and has an awesome Mom.

    The dog jog was a lot of fun even in the rain. Good work everyone. You should all be proud of yourselves!

    As to Buttercup...maybe you should cue her with Dog Jog when she is squealing to come with you and you know it wont be pleasant for her..she may then go curl up in the blankets and say..Mom you're NUTS. I am not going anywhere! LOL!

    Yes, Michelle was a trooper for you! LOL! But your pictures and write up are worth it!

    Love seeing my Nells picture on your blog!


  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Great pics Joan. Rory looks awesome now. I picked him up and he was in a horrible place and in horrible condition. I will never forget the look of that poor dog. Although he was terribly neglected, he wagged that little stump so hard when I approached him and was so happy to have me rub his bony body. Another testament of how forgiving dogs can be.... Glad it all worked out for him..Leah