Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Introducing Magic Bob!

So the conference in Washington was amazing - I still have to process it and will be making a long, and probably multi-post about it - but I have something else to post about - and it's this little dog - who I'm calling Magic Bob!
He's the newest little member to the Dogkisser pack - his name previously was "Magic" - but I'm going to call him Bob, hence the name "Magic Bob"
He's a little black toy poodle - the 3rd little black toy poodle who's come to live with me - I seem to specialize in them.
Introductions went beautifully yesterday - espcially with Daisy - she was so perfect and gentle it was amazing - I'm sure it was also because Magic Bob was good too - these first photos show the beginnings yesterday - all the "I'll sniff your butt, now I'll sniff your butt" and everyone following around each other and marking - Mr. Magic Bob is a very intense marker with lots of kicking up dirt every time he does it - so I'm going to like to see my lawn in the near future - it's probably going to be all gone.

I don't think Jack realized there was a new dog until after we went back up the stairs and we were all on the back deck and he suddenly saw him and he went over and gave him a good nose poke - which drove Magic Bob back down into the back yard for a moment - it was pretty funny - for me anyway! At the point I took this photo in the back yard Jack was saying - "what are we doing here - where's the liver?"
Charlie wasn't too interested in him in the backyard - he's only interested in new dogs inside the house - he's got a very strict protocol on new dogs - they aren't allowed into whatever room we're all in for at least a week. And then when they're allowed into the living room, they still aren't allowed into the bedroom. I'll never forget when Daisy came to live with us and her howling out in the living room because Charlie wouldn't let her into the bedroom and I had to go out and get her because sleeping on the bed was like the most important thing in the world to her at the time - she'd spent her whole life outside - and the bed was so high value she just could not stand it.
This is Buttercup up on the deck yesterday saying to me - "you've done it again, haven't you? Another black little dog!"
This is such a classic photo - this is the LAST time I brought home a little black dog - Teddy - and the look on Buttercup's face says it all - she is so pissed off at me - if anyone says that dogs don't have emotions and that they can't tell us what they're feeling - all they have to do is look at this photo - Buttercup is so clearly saying here what she's thinking with her averted face and lidded eyes - she is so annoyed at me she could just spit. This time around she doesn't seem quite so annoyed - Magic Bob is 1000 times nicer than Teddy was, luckily.

Here's a few photos from this morning - after I took these first couple photos, I cut the hair away from Magic Bob's eyes - so he's looking much cuter now.

I took these closeups so I can compare them to 6 months from now to see if the look in his eyes have changed - he seems very flat right now as far as his look goes - I am looking forward to seeing his personality emerge.
He is supposed to be a very bad resource guarder with other dogs and his past is very murky - I'm his 3rd home in 2 years - bounced around because of behavioural problems - he seems to be a mini-Jackie - so he'll fit in here I'd imagine.
Buttercup taking umbrage to me taking photos of the other dogs


  1. awww!!!!!! i thought you had reached your dog limit? hehehe! what a great post--can't wait to here more about Bob and his story...i really laughed at how Jackie didn't know there was another dog until you got inside--HAHAHA!!! you look great in that old picture with Teddy--and Buttercup looks really miffed--hehehe!!!

  2. Magic Bob's foster family11:11 AM

    The new name makes me laugh out loud and I LOVE dog names that do that to you!

    Sooo happy to hear things went so well! Bob's boyfriend Sachel says I hope to see you soon...lover ;o)

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Congrats Joan! I too can't wait to learn more about Magic Bob and watch him grow into a loved member of the pack.


  4. Congratulations, Joan! This is so pawsome! And I know Magic Bob will fit in just wonderfully! Can't wait to hear how he blossoms under you wonderful care!
    OMG! That picture of you with Teddy - and the po'd look on Buttercup's face is priceless!!

  5. Congrats Joan. Poor Magic - lucky Bob!

  6. Janet Chernin7:53 AM

    Great pics Joan - I like the name BOB and Magic Bob the best! He looks content already though Miss Buttercup the Queen of your castle is looking a tad miffed - I am sure she will get over it soon though - can't wait to meet him in person!
    Congrats - Janet and the Canine Casbah Crew