Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 1 here in Washington

(this was the only dog we encountered in a store today - there were ust no dogs around on the sttreets on in the sores, it felt really weird)
So me and Netta Armitage have made it here to Washington - we spent today shopping because the rest of the weekend is going to be just for the conference. Netta didn't spend too much, but I bought a bunch of books - who could have guessed? A new purse, and as a real surprise - a new white fur coat for Buttercup - she's going to look so beautiful.

I do not have the energy to post all the photos here, so I'll just put a couple here and I uploaded the rest to my Picasa photo album and I made a slideshow that you can see below. From a people view point, Washington is quite a bit different than Nova Scotia - so I'm finding that really interesting.

Here's the slideshow -


  1. Janet Chernin8:28 AM

    OH MY DOG - that DOG looks like Groucho Marx! hilarious - your goodies look great Joan - glad you are having fun ... sure wish I was there with youse twos!


  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I assume you mean "Faux" fur coat.Looks like fun get lots of info. RG.