Sunday, March 29, 2009

The cutest pictures ever

Just when I think that I've taken the cutest photos I can ever take of Buttercup - she puts something new and different in her mouth -
and she gives me the opportunity to take pictures of her being just the cutest sentient being on this planet.

I don't think anyone could deny that this dog does not like having her photo taken when she's in the mood - and today she was definitely in the mood to have her photo taken. Usually you'll see big dogs with tennis balls in their mouth - so when you see a little dog with a tennis ball - it is so precious - and Buttercup does not let us down.

And she knows the effect she has because she will not give it up once she puts it in - she'll let me chase her all over the house - she loves to play with toys.
On another note - I have mentioned a couple times in the last couple months that I haven't been feeling up to snuff - and I think I figured out what it was, I have condition called "pernicious anemia" and in order to keep it under control I'm supposed to have monthly B-12 shots - which I haven't been doing because I'm not very good at taking care of myself.
On Friday I was at my doctor for an appointment and I got my shot - and I have felt 1000% better since then - so I think it was my anemia that had been making me sick - so I guess I'd better start getting my shots on a regular basis from now on. Now that I know my anemia actually makes me sick - I guess I'd better take care of it. Life is SO much better when you can stay awake for longer than 3 hours at a time.There's a slideshow of more of these photos at the bottom of this post - Buttercup was on fire today!


  1. You'll get no argument from me-Buttercup is adorable! And having such a photogenic day to boot!
    So glad you are feeling better - and it's as easy as getting a shot!
    Pls. take good care of yourself - your kritters are depending on you! :) And we hate to see you sick!

  2. Buttercup is a gem!!! Hehe she sure loves that tennis ball!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. GACK!! had to cover my eyes and peak slowly.
    love ya Buttercup. mean it.