Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cute photo of seal

So I was at Value Village today and I found this photo of the cutest seal ever - and this is an actual photo of a baby seal - not an image cut out of a magazine, or some facimile - after all - I do live in a part of the world that likes to kill 1000's of seals every year, so it makes sense that every once in awhile we might find cute photos of actual seals in our used furnitures stores - I myself have lots of pictures of dead seals on beaches - it'd be awesome if I ever found one alive and cute and cuddly to take a picture of - I've taken some far away photos of ones out in our harbour before - but they're pretty shitty because they're pretty far away.

But isn't this photo cute? She actually looks like she's smiling. She looks like she hasn't lost her baby coat yet. And she looks like she's on an island - lots of seals come ashore to give birth - they don't all give birth out on ice. Some years there's no ice to give birth upon. Just today I got the requisite email from Rebecca Aldworth of HSI about the Hay Island cull that's going to be going on of grey seals in the upcoming weeks - so the sealing season is just about to begin - and all the ensuing melee - if you want to know what I think - I've got a category for it on the right in my categories section. My question to you is - what do YOU have going on in your backyards?


  1. I Love Seals10:58 AM

    Would love to see a " viewer " come forward and claim themselves as the " photographer " wouldnt that be awesome ??!

  2. Yes - this is a beautiful photo - an unretouched moment in the everyday life of a baby seal - without all the hooplah of activists that usually surround them. He's got sand around his eyes, and his nose is a little bit mooshed in - it's a gorgeous shot, showing a real live little guy just enjoying his day.