Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bowser/Daisy - no resemblance?

Note from 2011 - this dog was ultimately found NOT to be a pitbull - you can read about it here -

Somebody left this comment on my post about the craziness in Ontario -

"not that they should be banned but there is no way in hell that dog only has boxer and rottie in him. Please!"

Here is a photo of Bowser and Daisy - my own personal rottweiller mix - next to each other - they do certainly seem to share some features, don't you think - very cute short ears, large black noses, round large eyes, mouths that are shaped naturally as a smile - really I don't see how anyone could deny - if we are going to agree that yes - Daisy is certainly a rotweiller, because she certainly does hold every characteristic of the breed called rottweiller - then by association - Bowser must also have rottweiller in him because he has several characteristics that make him look like Daisy.

What are the characteristics that make him look like a "pit bull", anyway? Is it his colouring? That is a colour that is associated with boxers - and his owner says that he has boxer in him - so why would that make him have any pit bull in him - that's a boxer attribute. Is it his wide mouth? Boxer. Small ears? Boxer and rottie mixes have small ears.

Only seeing his face - it's tough - but to me - there may also be a smidge of shar-pei in there as well - and you don't know, there could be a bit of some kind of spitz or german shepherd in there too. Breed identification is so tough - and subjective. And really - nobody should ever die for it, should they? Really, it's ridiculous.


  1. Future Resident ?of N.S.9:10 PM

    What a lot of people don`t seem to understand about the Ontario law is that it doesn`t matter if he has any of the 3 named Breeds that are considered 'Pit Bulls' in him.
    That`s irrelevant to the Gov`t.

    It could be ANY Breed(Corso,Boxer,Lab,Mastiff,JRT.... etc) that is giving him the characteristics that have made someone allege that he is a Gov`t 'pit bull'.

    Here is how Ontario defines a 'pit bull'

    [quote]“pit bull” includes,

    (a) a pit bull terrier,

    (b) a Staffordshire bull terrier,

    (c) an American Staffordshire terrier,

    (d) an American pit bull terrier,

    (e) a dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those of dogs referred to in any of clauses (a) to (d); (“pit-bull”)[/quote]

    It`s a) and e) that are catching people unaware.

    Hopefully that is clear as mud.
    So keep ANY dog out of Ontario that a Gov`t official MIGHT call a 'pit bull'.
    Any dog with a square head,short hair and whip tail is going to get tagged as a Gov`t 'pit bull' and if it was born after Nov 27/05,it`s a dead duck or a future resident of Nova Scotia unless you win in Court.

  2. wow thankyou Joan this blog is very nice. the resembalance is incredible between Daisy & Bowser.
    thankyou for sharing your thoughts and Daisy picture very kind of you to take your time to do so.

    Danny Truong

  3. Anonymous1:06 AM

    "Substantially similar" has never been defined legally so no one can possibly know what that means.
    A Judge will make that determination if this case does proceed through the Courts.
    In my humble opinion he doesn`t look remotely similar,let alone substantially similar to any of the named Breeds(shown at the link below) but my opinion and the Public`s opinion means squat.
    That`s why this legislation is vague.Everyone has a different opinion on what that means.

    All Canines are substantially similar.
    Does that mean they all fall under this law?

  4. Bowser actually looks substantially similar to a boss I used to work for. I better phone the guy up and tell him to get his arse out of Ontario before a Mississauga Animal Control officer throws a catch pole around his neck.