Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moving in a different direction

So I thought I'd put some photos of some dogs who need new homes here tonight since people are coming here looking for good stuff right now - and what's better than photos of dogs who need you!

First up is a dog named Onyx down at the Cape Breton SPCA - they've got several small dogs right now - so if you're looking for that kind of dog right now - you should go and check them out - they have a high kill rate - so getting a dog from there definitely saves a life.
Next is Phoebe - she's a young dog who was chained out for a lot of her young life - but it hasn't damaged her at all - she's a lovely dog, and is just needing some good love
She is about 12 months old, spayed - and ready to go to her forever home - she's under the auspices of the Antigonish SPCA - they can be reached at

This is Jade - she is not a rescue - she is a retired show dog from champion breed lines, and is now looking for a gentle retirement home. She has had a very busy show career, and I believe that the breeder who's auspices she fell under - moved away - so she is now staying with another breeder - who is keeping her until the absolute perfect home comes her way - so she is going to have a good inspection process in order to be gotten. She has been well loved her whole life, and is used to the finer things in life - and she has got many years of good living left to go - so if you are familiar with the pekinese breed - and are up to owning a former show dog - you may be up to snuff for this little girl. Jade is 9 years old and in perfect health - and she's not all that fond of children or grandchildren - you can email her current caretaker at

I talked about Jacques a couple weeks ago, he's a young dog who's been at the Dartmouth SPCA for over 5 months - he's still there, unfortunately - so if you are needing a sports dog - you should have a look at him, he'd be perfect for you.

Oh my dog - I just got these photos late tonight - can you believe how beautiful this dog is? Her name is Maggie and she's in Miramichi, New Brunswick. She's a sheltie, german shepherd mix.
This is what the email I got says about her - "her size and personality are sheltie, markings are shepherd. Her owner was killed in a car accident, and so now she is looking for a new home. Her current owner has moved and cannot keep her. She's a very sweet and gentle dog. She was born in July of 2007."
"Extremely lovable and kind. She's not a barker, and she listens really well once she gets to know you. If you are interested, please email Valerie at, or you can send an email at and they can pass the info along to Valerie.


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Thanks joan for putting up these dogs. They really do need homes!

    Jacques is such a great guy. I met him and he is a real winner!!! Very smart but a heart of gold too!

    Phoebe pulls my heartstrings. To be so young and to be tied out like that for most of her life. Look at those long legs..and those eyes! She is a really wonderful girl who would make a great dog in the right home. She just needs someone who can take the puppy in her and give her the confidence she didnt get a chance to gain as a young pup.

    I dont know the other two but they are cute as buttons the two of them! Hope they find homes too!


  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    they are so beautiful especially Jacque and Phoebe, i wish i could have one more, but i am directing traffic o the shelter pages all the time to potentials. ;-( jm

  3. Now Maggie would be so up my alley! Resembles Will somewhat. Some women always fall for the same men - I always fall for the same type of dog

  4. I fell in love with Maggie when I saw her photos last night too - Charlie is 1/2 sheltie - and I love german shepherds too - and she has such a beautiful face - but my quota is a very strict 4 permanent dogs, so I can't have her - I am sure she'll find a great home though - she looks to be such a perfect dog - she's a heartpuller though!


  5. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hey joan, you should post the pictures they did of Jacque for WetNosed Wednesdays they are amazing, and show off his modivation for food. Gotta love that boy:

    scroll down to the pictures with the white background.