Friday, January 30, 2009

There is so much going on!

There are just a ton of dog friendly - and dog events coming up, I had to make one of my semi-regular posts about it.

Next week of course is Francesca Rogier's arraignment date for her charges brought very quickly after having quashed the euthanization order for her dog Brindi - it happens Tuesday morning at 9am in Dartmouth at 277 Pleasant Street, courtroom #4. She is wanting people to come to the court who support her. Since this is just an arraignment and not an actual trial date - it would seem that her fight is far from over on Tuesday, which is too bad for everyone.

The Chewed Slipper Bed and Breakfast for Dogs out in Lower Sackville is working very hard to bring single dogs and their owners together! They are regularly having these things called "small dog socials" out at their dog day care in the evenings and they sound like a lot of fun! The latest one is scheduled for Tuesday February 3rd at from 6:30-9:30 and they're hosted by Pug Pals of the HRM

Friday February 13th Three Dog Bakery is holding a "Black Bone Event" over at their store in Dartmouth Crossing from 6pm to 9pm - Your pups will whine and dine on yappetizers and doggie “wine” (Barkundy anyone?) all evening long - here is the link to the obligatory Facebook event listing! The Facebook listing for the event is highlighted at the beginning of this paragraph.\

On February 14th at the 3 Dog Bakery if you take your dog with you into the store you can can pre-book a spot with their caricature artist and get a 5-minute caricature of your furry valentine. Cost is $12. They have limited spots so call 902.405.3364 or e-mail to reserve your spot.

The GPAC Pet Expo is February 15th this year - this is about the 5th one that they've had and I've been to every one of them and they are always a ton of fun. They are dog friendly and chock a block with dogs and humans. It is testament to the fact that local dog owners love their dogs and love supporting local dog businesses and causes. It is a yearly event that is not to be missed. I'll be there manning a table giving out information to willing dog owners ready to receive it about responsible dog ownership, puppy mills, chained dogs, bsl, and other topics that me and some other people think are important to Nova Scotians right now. There's a facebook group for the event set up, and the Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada also have a page on their website devoted to the event.

Halifax Kennel Club is having their next dog show out at the Exhibition Park February 14 and 15th - their website doesn't say if there's a breed specialty at this show - so maybe they'llhave a good selection of all the breeds our breeders have locally which will be super. This is the place to go to so that you can look at the purebreed dog fancy and fall in love with a breed and choose a dog that will fit your life and your lifestyle and find a breeder that will be the "parents" of your next canine life companion. Now THAT is a great way to get a dog!

Temple Grandin is coming to Nova Scotia in February! I'm still trying to find out more about this - but she's going to be speaking twice - the first time she's speaking is to a closed audience - at the Atlantic Poultry Conference - and no one from outside is going to be allowed to listen in, unfortunately - but if you're part of the poultry industry - you're definitely lucky!

However, she's also going to be speaking at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College on February 18 at 10:00 AM in the Alumni Theatre and this is open to the public. What I DON'T know is - how big is this theatre, do we have to get tickets in advance or is it first come, first serve - or what the protocol is.

Temple Grandin if you don't know is the lady who wrote the books "Animals in Translation" and "Thinking in Pictures" and is famous for developing methods of humane slaughter for the meat industry. She's also said some pretty controversial things about dogs in general and pit bulls in particular, which I've personally found pretty interesting (and disagree with).

Looking ahead to April - the Hope for Wildlife Foundation is having a fundraiser - so keep your eyes open for when that date is coming closer!

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  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I was under the impression that the city would now just proceed with the fines as they should have initially. Is this not the case? If not, do you feel HRM is taking this too far? Do you feel HRM has a mission to see Brindi destroyed? I am asking because i am confused at the direction this case is taking. thanks jm