Friday, January 23, 2009

The Benoits & Their Foils have been busy this week

So the Benoit's and the people who are trying to get them to choose a new career have been busy this week. There are a couple of new parody videos, the Benoit's posted nasty messages on Kijiji about the people who are at the helm of the organization who have made it their mission to educate the public about the true business that the "Puppies r Us" is actually all about, and Gail Benoit even initiated email contact with me - and didn't tell me who she was - in a bid to try and get information in her wish to sue the Chapman's kennel up in New Brunswick. I have to say one thing though - she is very friendly when she's trying to stay anonymous and extract information that she needs! haha!

Things are ramping up for next week - on January 29th Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey are due back in court to hear whether or not they're going to be found guilty or innocent on their current charges of animal cruelty stemming from puppies that were seized from their house a couple years ago. This doesn't include the 4 cruelty charges they were just recently charged with regarding the puppies this past summer that they sold to Esther Smith and one other lady - the Chapman kennel puppies.

So on to the videos and photos.

For some unknown reason - the aforementioned are finding it necessary to actually advertise their business - independent of their hand drawn facimiles of puppies that have come from vicarious circumstances and have a nefarious future.
It's truly weird why - little more than a week before she's due to appear before a court and hopefully be convicted of animal cruelty and face a prohibition of owning or selling animals - she's advertising her business on Kijiji.
On the same day - she decided it was a good day to do some public harassing of individuals who've been spending their free time trying to educate the public about places that are not the best place to buy your companion animals.
They have been pretty dedicated - going to the trial last November, and writing up what the testimony was - doing up parody videos, giving solace to unhappy customers of the Benoit's and Bailey's - going to pet stores all across Nova Scotia and documenting conditions of the puppies that are in the pet stores and reporting them back to the NS SPCA for their follow-up.
So they've really become a great activist organization - a real grass roots group that cares about the Mom's and Dad's of the puppies that are being sold almost dead - are trying to effect change in the only way they know - and I personally think they're making a difference - one person at a time. I think it's fabulous.

And judging by the way the defendents have lashed out - I think they're having some effect on them. They're obviously feeling a bit uncomfortable.

The way I look at it is - Gail Benoit must be an excellent sales person - if she can sell an almost dead dog for $900 in a parking lot to someone who has just about figured out who she is - imagine how much money she could make selling a product that people actually want. Imagine if she used those selling sells for good instead of evil. Somebody just has to convince her of that - it's so much easier to be good in this world instead of bad - you get a much easier ride in life when you're good. The only problem is there are a distinct minority of people who enjoy being evil - but I'm sure that she's not one of those people, right?

This week it turns out she also intitiated contact with me. On the 19th I was emailed by someone - an email address "" asking if I had any information about the Chapman's - the kennel up in New Brunswick that the Benoit's have gotten into the biggest trouble about. They bought 27 puppies from them this past summer - and it seems that all but 5 of them died either before the Benoit's could sell them, or just after they were sold, so it was a very bad business transaction.

The Chapman's are now out of business - but not before they sold off all their breeding stock, and what they couldn't sell - they killed 175 of their remaining animals all in one go. Now THAT is animal brutality at it's finest.

So Gail contacted me without telling me who she was - and I am so used to being contacted by people asking me questions - about Halifax, about dog stuff, about dogs in Halifax, about legislation, about dog politics - and I answer 99% of the emails I get - that it didn't even occur to me to not answer this person's email - so I did, and then today I thought to myself "who is this person that is sending me these emails" - so I asked the head of the "Stop puppy mills and people like Gail Benoit" Facebook group if they recognized the email address and he immediately emailed me back saying that was Gail Benoit who was emailing me! So she was emailing me - being all friendly - trying to get information that she needed so she could successfully sue the Chapmans! I was being used for my superior research skills! haha!

When I looked back it turned out she had also left a comment on my blog post about Chapman Kennels killing the 175 dogs - so that small memory of approving that comment may have been in my brain somewhere, I recognized the email address from that, to my detriment.

So once I found that out I emailed her back and said that I could not answer any more questions for her and I wished her luck. That's funny, eh? I am actually quite amazed that she's never harassed me or told me to fuck off - because she's made the lives of the other people advocating against her quite uncomfortable, but for some reason she's left me alone, and for that I'm grateful. Maybe it's because I've never said anything about her that's personal - I just want her to stop selling dying puppies - although in one email I read she did say "I will sell dogs untill the c o w s come home..c u all in the broker now and forever.... :)" - which isn't too inspiring.

Here's some of the video's that they've done lately

Gail Benoit is too sexy

Gail Benoit is heartless


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thanks again for another great blog entry.

    First off I want to say that none of the group members EVER personally attacked her, just what her business practices are...

    BUT then Gail took it upon herself to bring this whole matter to a personal level --- then people started to fight back.

    Everyone will be much releaved when the ban is in place - finally people will sleep at night once again.


  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I forgot to also mention - in the kijiji posting - she said I looked like a Pug ---- I personally don't think I do ....and I think that photo of me was kinda cute --- she is just very upset that she will never get me in her bedroom...or anywheres near her parvo home...the closest she will ever get near me is in a court room.

  3. Anonymous11:05 PM

    LOL Joan you are the BEST!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    You wished her good luck???!!!