Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thinking about what life is like in an animal abusers home

Now that the trial of the Celtic Pets animal abusers is over and there's nothing we can do about the outcome, I'm going to talk about what I think Jackie's life was probably like living in a house with 40 other dogs -
living in a house where he never got to go outside, never got one on one attention, never got to get his hair cut, never got to eat out of a bowl - food that was meant just for him, never got veterinary care for an ulcer that developed on his left eye that ruptured and caused liquid to drain over his face and mat the hair all around his eye to stick the hair to his face so that it looked like he didn't have any eye at all - and meant that he was probably in a lot of pain for a lot of months day in and day out, and since he never had his hair cut -
his bum was completely covered with shit and couldn't really shit it was so hard packed with shit that had come out previously, and he had problems walking - and that was probably really painful too - because his nails had grown all the way around and every one of them had embedded in the pads on his feet.

As well - since he hadn't had a hair cut in almost a year he had mats the size of golf balls under his chin - and on a lot of other spots on his body, so when he layed down it was probably really hard to find a comfortable spot to lay down - and he probably never got to lay down on a bed and snuggle up to a human who loved him - he probably had to try and find some quiet spot - which was rare, because he was living in a house with 40 other dogs - so someone would have been barking most of the time. And since no one ever went outside - that meant that everyone was shitting and pissing inside - so the indoor air quality was really bad - so it's no wonder that he still wheezes - I'm sure his lungs were forever harmed by his time at the animal abusers Alice MacIsaac's house.
Also, for some reason - almost a year later - if I go to touch him from his blind side to pet him - he still winces. Isn't that sad? He trusts me almost implicitly now, which is amazing - but he still expects things to drop out of the air and hurt him for some reason.

That is the end of the story for just one of the 40 dogs that lived at animal abuser Alice MacIsaac's house. And what was her punishment for it? A $1,000 fine. And then she was actually rewarded because she was given back 2 dogs and one cat. She was told that the way she treated Jackie was A-Okay - and to continue treating animals that way - because she was given animals back to continue the cycle, and then when those 2 dogs die - she's allowed to get another one. Her lawywer actually called her a "dog whisperer" in court.

For some reason, if my Jackie could talk - I don't think he'd agree with her.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Indeed Jackie wouldn't. May she rot in hell.

  2. I shudder to think what Alice and Zonda were "whispering" to the cats and dogs they were abusing. They will rot in hell..both of them.

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I am writing to you today to express my outrage at the verdict and outcome regarding the admitted animal abusers Alice and Zonda MacIsaac. I would like you to have a look at Jackie, sezied from the home of Alice MacIssac. The Province of Nova Scotia deemed his eye to be worth a fraction of one thousand dollars, when you consider the large number of animals seized and needing medical care from the Celtic Pets seizure. In order to save Jackie and repair the damage to his eye cost more than what Alice and Zonda's combined fines were. Jackie had a 2000 dollar vet bill, paid by the non-profit rescue group Animal Rescue Coalitions (ARC). Technically ARC paid the Macisaac's to abuse him.

    I'm asking why only 1 charge went through, out of the 4 laid? There were at least 100 possible charges that could have been laid but only 4 selected, how is this acceptable?

    The lack of a sentence or punishment has sent a message out to the public that the government in this province thinks it is ok to abuse animals. You have given back 2 dogs (Missy and Stuy) and one cat to an individual to pleaded guilty to cruelty charges. Those 3 animals have just been sentenced to neglect, abuse and cruelty for the rest of their natural life; did the bird cage go back to Alice as well for the cat to continue to live in like he was found? Over the past several months, volunteered time and money from many individuals has gone into the care of these animals. Zonda and Alice will be getting their pets back and the fines they have paid do not even cover a portion of the money and time spent to save these animals, or humanely euthanize others.

    An allusion that I think really rings true here is this –

    A dog fighter goes to trial on dog fighting charges. He is found guilty. Before the trial he had his dogs seized from him, and they stayed in custody while waiting for the trial to happen.

    The dog fighter is found guilty.

    Because the dogs were deemed to be too aggressive to be adopted out - the judge and the crown and the defense decided to give the dogs back to the dog fighter as part of the guilty plea.

    Or how about this?

    A pedophile pleads guilty of abusing his or her own and other children, who have received medical and psychological care as a result. Sentencing results in a small fine, and allows the children to go back, but with a restriction that the pedophile cannot run a child's camp.

    How is this any different than what happened to Alice and her dogs?

    ARC would have taken them, if we couldn't adopt them, I would have had them humanely euthanized myself rather then knowing they are going to suffer and live in those conditions with an admitted abuser.

    I know it was questioned many times about my contact with Zonda, but I would have dealt with the devil him/her self to keep Jackie safe, we all know Alice wanted Jackie back. And it just confirms that it was a necessary evil because there was a possibility it could have happened, we all know Jackie would have been returned to the shelter numerous times

    While I appreciate the SPCA's ability to inspect their homes, we know the inspectors are stretched to their limits as it is and only a province wide restriction.

    I ashamed to admit I'm part of the rescue world, member of the SPCA and a resident of Nova Scotia today; I can't hold my head up and feel good about how this turned out.

    Is it public knowledge now…for a $1000 bucks you have the right to treat a dog like this

    Annette Armitage

  4. Anonymous12:29 PM

    [quote]The dog fighter is found guilty.

    Because the dogs were deemed to be too aggressive to be adopted out - the judge and the crown and the defense decided to give the dogs back to the dog fighter as part of the guilty plea.[/quote]

    Unfortunately fight bust dogs lose(In most cases).

    They are slaughtered in many cases upfront before a trial is even held and they aren`t even assessed for adoption after trial if they were held.

    As terrible as this case is,it pales in comparison to the abuse directed towards 'Pit Bulls'.

    They usually aren`t seen as victims.

    But aside from that analogy I agree with your post.

  5. Tammy C1:35 PM

    Joan Im glad Jackie is safely in your hands. He could have been sent back to live a most horrible life with Zonda and Alice. I'm still not sure how they could sleep at night knowing the torture they were putting dogs thru. I just hope all their bad Karma catches up to them.


  6. Nothing I could write, that hasn't already been written.

    It sickens me to read of Jackie's horrific ordeal. I take great comfort knowing Jackie is with you & receiving much love & care.

    Annettee, although not a resident of NS - I share your shame. How any court system could allow such an injustice to be carried out, is truly a shame.

  7. Joan,

    Thank you for taking Jackie and looking after him...I am soooo ashamed of our Nova Scotia govt for allowing this to happen - I just dont understand??

  8. Anonymous11:08 AM

    the SPCA can inspect their homes anytime they who roger and Nancy the two USELESS special (and I use the term lightly) constables that failed to act on NUMEROUS complaints made against the McIsaacs. Proven Cowards shouldn't be the ones given the responsibility to monitor the abusers.
    Its such a FARCE .

  9. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I adopted two dogs that were also from the 2nd raid, and they both, after having them for almost a year, cringe when you try to touch them.
    It's quite heartbreaking.