Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cards

I'm trying to summon the energy this weekend to do my Christmas cards up this weekend. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the people who are getting cards from me this year - so this is the very back panel.
These other photos are my xmas cards from other years. Doesn't Buttercup look like a happy model?
The reason I'm putting these pictures here is that it's been suggested by others that we all send some of the xmas cards we're sending out to each of our MLA's and City Councillors so that they realize that there are in fact dog owners out there who are paying taxes and are watching what they're doing when they're in office and are interested in what's going on in government. It only takes a minute to send out an extra 15 or so xmas cards - but if we all do it - our representatives in government will really notice that there's a lot of crazy dog owners out there who've taken the time to send them the greetings for the seaon.
And it might get them to notice a bit.

I got an email from a friend of mine with a really neat idea too - if you don't have the time to actually go out and buy cards, write them out and then mail them - there's a website that will do it for you! Send out Cards .com has come up with the neatest gimmick - you go to their website, pick out the card you want, personalize it, and then they'll print it out for you and send it wherever you want. Isn't that neat? So instead of having to write out 40 different Christmas cards - you just type out one greeting, then type out 40 different addresses - then bing, bong, boom - they'll send them out for you. That is SO neat! Whoever thought that idea up is a genius! And then I'm sure you just keep those addresses on file - so you only ever have to type them out once. Brilliant.

Here is what the official emails have said if you haven't received one of them -

The point of this Challenge is personal contact between dog owners and legislators. Sure, they hear from us when we fax or email about a piece of legislation but we all know they rarely read those messages, they simply tally pros and cons. A card will be a personal, positive contact.

The aim here is to have each official receive a Christmas/Holiday/ New Year's greeting from their dog (cat) owning constituents. We ask that you send cards to your Premier, district officials as well as your city and county officials. At best this would only involve sending an extra dozen cards which will have you and your dog's (or cat's) photo and a comment such as those listed below. If these officials are people you voted for, state that you have supported them in the past and hope to continue your support. If you did not vote for them let them know that depending on their position on dog related issues, you would certainly consider changing party affiliation to support the candidate most sensitive to the interests of their pet owning constituency.

If you own a dog with performance titles, include a photo of the dog out duck hunting, with the sheep, whatever, and sign the card, "Proud working partner to a (title/event) dog. i.e. "Proud working partner to a Field Trial Champion (breed)".

If you own a dog with a CGC from AKC, include a photo of you, the dog, and the certificate. Sign the card, "Proud owner of a Canine Good Citizen (breed)".

If you own a Therapy Dog, include a photo with you, the dog, a Senior Citizen or hospitalized child. Sign the card, "Active partners bringing joy to shut-ins, Mary and Fluffy".

For friends/family who own dogs obtained from a shelter or rescue, include a photo and sign the card, "Proud Adopter of Charlie, rescue dog from (shelter/rescue group), The Jones Family".

Puppy buyers should send cards stating "sharing our lives with a (breed) purchased from a responsible hobby breeder, The Smith Family".

We think you get the drift here what we are looking for - positive contact from constituents to elected officials. If enough people do this, including friends and family with photos of them, the kids, and the family pet(s) signed "Happily sharing family life with our (breed/mixed) dog(s)", legislators will realize just how many
constituents are out there with pets. You could even neatly write at the bottom of the card, "My Dog Votes". Naturally, you would be free to elaborate on your card, but keep it simple, not related to any particular legislation.

The cost of a couple more Christmas/Holiday cards, stamps, and photos is negligible compared to what you will suffer should anti-dog legislation be enacted in your community, county, or state. In the case of state or federal officials, the cards should be sent to their home/district offices - not their State Capital address.

Thank you,Dana M. Johnson Jan Cooper
DPCA Legislative Director ARC Legislative Chair
It is suggested that kennel clubs post this Challenge on their websites along with the appropriated addresses for state and local officials - making it very easy for members and friendsto participate in this effort.

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