Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Husky Who Deserves a cushy Dog Bed

I had an email from a member of the Metro SPCA shelter committee about this dog named Boston who has really touched the hearts of the staff at the Dartmouth shelter and everyone is really trying to save this guy - so he must be a very special dog.

His name is Boston - and I'm going to paste the letter that I got about him, rather than trying to re-interpret what was sent about him, because I think the letter sounds good enough. They hoping most for a foster to adopt - and they're willing to transport him outside of the HRM if it's the right home for him.

I would say this dog has melted a lot of hearts, hopefully it will melt the heart of one more person who will make a lifetime committment to him and love him forever - that's all we can ask for.

Here's the letter -

Boston is a husky mix who is special needs. We would like to get him a foster home ASAP were he can recover and get the best chance at a comfortable life. Even if you don’t have him long, he needs to know that there is someone out there that will show him some love. He is a low energy dog that would just love to curl up on a doggy bed, couch or anywhere and see his new people. Boston was brought into the animal shelter by animal control about 2 weeks ago. When he presented he had a severe ear and eye infection as well as an upper respiratory infection. He has been undergoing treatment for these issues and is responding well. Evidence on physical exam leads us to believe that he had suffered from chronic ear infections in the past so these may require ongoing treatment.

He also suffers from a complete loss of muscle mass on his head and face. This condition is probably linked to a disease called myositis that is an autoimmune disease. He is such a beautiful dog with such an amazing and kind personality we just want to give him a chance. If he does suffer from myositis it may progress and cause active disease in the future, and he could require long term therapy with prednisone or he may even have to be euthanized but right now he is not painful, he can open his mouth completely and eats very well. He is a kind and gentle soul who just loves to be patted and to lean in onto your leg. Our hope is that this disease, if present, has already done its damage, and that he now will live a long and healthy life with someone who loves him but we can not guarantee this. We are desperately seeking a foster home for him so that we can give him a chance. Thank you for your help.

Metro SPCA

To get in contact you can email them at , call them at 902-468-7877 or your best bet is to just go over to 9 Scarfe Court in Dartmouth.


  1. He has such soft beautiful kind eyes...I sure hope someone can help him..

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I hope Boston finds a loving home!

    *its 5 scarfe court