Sunday, December 21, 2008

Buttercup says "You got my hair cut on the wrong day!"

Right now we seem to be getting a blizzard here in Halifax, which is too bad - because earlier today Buttercup was to the beauty parlour and had a pretty close trim - so she is very unhairy at the moment.
These are a couple of photos of Jack on the back deck saying - "nope, I don't think I'm going to go down the stairs to have my pee - I'm just going to do it on the garbage can right up here on the deck!
When I took Buttercup in for her haircut I also took Charlie in too, and I gave him a bath - something which he always very unhappy about - although I try to make it as easy on him as possible. The Metro Dog Wash has one tub that's at floor level that you can walk the dog right in to - and so the human can also get in as well - and that's the one I always use for Charlie - but he still hates it.
But afterwards he immediately went out into the store area and picked this bully stick out of the pile and laid down and started intensely chewing on it as if to say "man, I really deserve this - so I'm going to eat this like I've never eaten a chew stick before" - and he did.
These are a couple photos of Buttercup at the end of her groom - isn't it interesting how when a dog is completely stressed out they can look their happiest? She is trembling and going nuts - but since she's so stressed out - that's when she can give her best smiles.
She shows her teeth and everything. She's so beautiful - I wish we all this good under severe trauma.
This is Charlie tonight still not very happy with me.
This is Jackie being pretty cocky - I think he's feeling like he's pretty sure he ducked a pretty big arrow today when the 2 dogs who left came back smelling like that awful place that he goes to sometimes where they cut his nails and mess with his hair - and this time the human didn't take him too!
This is Buttercup with her fabulous new face - I don't think her face has ever been cut this short before - and she looks really cute!


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    What a weiner buttercup is. Look at her showing her fangs and then looking shellshocked. I love her :) It is a nice are right. Those are very very funny pics Joan!

    ang & nelly

  2. Pawsome pics, Joan! lol! Buttercup and Charlie look gorgeous (and likely smell sooo pretty!).

    Charlie and Buttercup are likely telling Jackie, "Just wait - your turn is coming!".


  3. Very great pics : )))) Now McG is your typical scottie, so he is always sheepish for a day or so after his a kid on the first day of school wearing clothes his mom picked out for him : )))